Gay Tarot - the Magician


Very clever! I see the four suit designations are up in the right corner as a design on the curtain.

"Flash! Bam! ALA-KAZAM!" Yes, this magician embodies the qualities of a stage magician- with a Vegas act! The LWB says " To live fully. one must create a life, not merely react to it." Emile Zola has a quote that says 'If you ask me what I came into this world to do, I will tell you: I came to live out loud." Having the magician for my Soul card, and having been on stage for 25 years, this card is marvelous!

It will take a bit of doing to explain to a querent that the magician creates his own realities, and that we are all capable of making things happen 'our way' if we put our minds to it, and are strong enough - but I wish I had a flat stomach to be able to wear that flashy coat! (Lee- give me the number of his dressmaker, please! lol!) As I have said many times at work: If you can't enjoy being gay - you might as well be straight!


I like this card. At first I thought I might get a little hung-up on the stage magic aspect of it, because I'm not really into that. However every time the Magician comes up now it makes me happy.
I've certainly grown to feel the "Magic" in this card. :)


Well I just had the magician (from a different deck) come up in a reading, a really good reading by the way, but I got distracted by the Magician and how it compared to other Magicians.

In the Gay Tarot Magician, he's a stage Magician, but there are other differences from the Waite deck, such as he doesn't have his arm raised up (though he is grasping a wand/septer), and there are no flowers on the card.
He is dressed in Purple, (over a white shirt), but the Waite Magician is in white and red. My other deck, The Witches Tarot, also has the Magician wearing Purple on white.
Also, the 4 suits being on the curtain in the upper right hand corner reminds me of the Moon being in the upper right hand corner of the Witches Tarot Magician.


tarotbear said:
As I have said many times at work: If you can't enjoy being gay - you might as well be straight!
True words! then there is a lot of people who desperatly need the touch of the Magician to start living (at least!) a couple of friends at their middle 30s still can't accept themselves as gay but they are sure they can't be straight.


I love this version of the magician it uses the image of the old Marseilles and old Italian decks of the magician as an entertainer a "for-the-show-magician" but now in a modern 20/21st century and gay version, refreshing after al those magickal-magicians the modern decks portray.

He is showing : look at me what i can do and the way i'm doing it

it's not only about capabilities to shape your life and world but also about the power to dare to show yourself in your own specific way and to stand in the lights the centre of attention without fearing the looks and opinions of others !


Dear la-luna:

It is interesting that today you chose to speak on both the Sun and Magician cards - both of which are my Life cards (any input on my third Life card - the Wheel of Fortune? *wink*)

Several years ago Meewah gave me enlargements of my Life cards in the Robin Wood as a gift; perhaps it is time to enlarge the same images in The Gay Tarot and add them to the my wall? :smoker:


Something to think about

First of all I was very pleased to see Lee's deck in print. I still have not used it a lot, but I think I will catch up.