"Gazing in the Chalice"


Hello! I wanted to post this spread I adapted / created and thought it pretty useful and wanted to share the wealth..!

"Gazing in the Chalice"


Card 1 - Your View of Your Interest
Card 2 - Your Subconscious Thoughts / Feelings
Card 3 - Your Feelings for Them
Card 4 - Interest's View of the Querent
Card 5 - Interest's Subconscious Thoughts / Feelings
Card 6 - Interest's Feelings for Querent
Card 7 - Energy Between The Two
Card 8 - Foundation the Bond Stands On
Card 9 & 10 - Shows Both Perceptions of the Current Outcome
Card 11 - Advice

Cards 2 and 5 describe the hidden thoughts and feelings behind a possible romance, insecurities, etc. Basically, it acts as the moon in a sense. I liked this idea because it illuminates hidden feelings or driving forces behind both yourself and the other that perhaps you didn't see.

The 7th card is the energy between the two people. Much like emotion is water, the two people blend into each other like how red and blue paint make purple when mixed. It symbolizes the chemistry and energy between them and how their feelings / bond melds into one at that moment in time / stage of relationship.

The 8th card shows the roots and foundation the bond lays on. It can show an unstable foundation or a fertile one.

Cards 9 & 10 are supposed to be side ways when you lay them. When read, both show two perceptions of the same possible outcome at this time. I like the idea of having two so it can show how each person will be impacted by their bond.

Card 11th card serves as advice. This information is used to show the querent what they need to know at this time. I like the flexibility of this position because circumstances are vast depending on karmic ties, soulmates, etc.. I like to see this card as the missing piece to the puzzle.

Please let me know what you think -- I am still open to working on perfecting this one! :)

Luna's Crone

i kinda like it, but i avoid relationship/3rd party questions.