Getting excited


My TdM deck is on its way, its in english, so will have a look when it gets here. I could not find a nice one in english in Aust. So I bought thru Tarot Garden. Shipping was CHEAP!

SO awaiting my deck, so I can finally say I have a TdM Deck!!!


Which one? And congratulations!


Tarots of Marseille (Lo Scarabeo) .. So I have no idea what it looked like. There is only two 'alternate stores' in Toowoomba and neither sell a lot of Tarot cards .. So I needed a Throth, wanted a TdM and another deck to make up shipping ..

*sigh* Its been in Australia for 4 days, and I still don't have it . Long live fast postage


I feel your pain, Mistteak; I'm in Australia too. I'd love to hear your thoughts on the LS TdM. I'm thinking of getting it. I hear the LWB is excellent.