Ghost Stories & Experiences


Back in 2006 we did some real time remote viewing exercises. From post 40, although the original link isn't working, you can see the reaction to the photo which came out as part of this experiment. I have attached the photo to this post so that you can see it. I swear on everything I hold dear that there was no camera trickery, nothing that can explain this and no photoshop stuff going on. This is the unaltered photo as it came from the camera.

very cool picture, Millie! I even like it as a picture w/o the orb/spirit. It would be a good one to frame up.

Not bursting any bubbles, there were photos immediately before and after, literally seconds apart which had no such 'smudge' on. The lense wasn't compromised. Sorry. This is either some kind of spirit manifestation or fault in the way that the CCD chip in the camera catches the image but again, since both the previous and subsequent pictures were clear, that theory isn't much good either.

From my experience, this may not be a human form. Even if it is, not all spirits show themselves on film as a human outline, some are orbs for example. It is what it is and seems strange to have happened just when we were doing the RV stuff.

I agree. Not all spirits show themselves on film or even in real time- (face to face) as a full body apparition. I've often had spirits come to me looking like a cloud--or being just an aura of light, some so solid, you'd swear they were alive, and some I could see through. some in full body, some only show their human face, some from the waist up, etc. etc. Again, very cool! :thumbsup:

and, again, I enjoyed each post! I LOVE stories such as all shared here. :D And, as I noted before, I have my share of spirit happenings too.

This past weekend, my hubby & I had a big family reunion/party, and my sister in law shared a story with my immediate family-after the reunion was over. She mentioned how when she and her first hubby separated, she lived in a small home, with their 2 children. Her mother was of great help to her but lived in her own home. Anyway, fast forward a few years when she and my brother decided to marry, and they sold that house and bought a new home. My brother is a carpenter and had done a lot of work in the home, but still had to finish the bathroom after it was sold.

so, he went back to finish the bathroom work. The couple who lived there had no children and the husband traveled for his work. The wife asked my brother, "Did someone die in this house, because I keep hearing noises coming from that bedroom there!" "no" my brother said. He returned home & mentioned to his wife, and she said, "OMG! Its my mother! She was in (the daughters) room and looking for her. She doesn't realize we moved!" Well, sure enough, my niece, not knowing this story, mentioned a week or so later to her mom and my brother that "grandma visited me last night in my bedroom when I was asleep. She told me she was so glad that we were safe and sound!" (the grandmother had died about a year before this and was esp. close to her granddaughter). My brother was still working on the bathroom and he went back to the house and asked the woman if she was doing okay and if she still heard the noises in the room. "No!" she responded. "They seemed to disappear the day you left here when I told you about it. I've not heard it since."

So, we think his mother in law's spirit followed him home and found out where they were now living. :D My step niece seems to have an ability to 'feel' spirits and hear them too--though not sure if she actually sees them. She especially senses when 'grandma' is around.

My mother also has a spirit animal story. She was babysitting my sisters 2 children, one an infant and the other a toddler. The infant was about 4mos. old, I think and was in the crib that all us kids had used. Mom fell asleep on the couch, and was awakened by our family dog, who kept bumping her with his head and nose and pawing at her. She woke up slightly, patted him on the head and then the dog took off down the hallway towards the room w/the kids. It was then mom realized that dog was our old deceased dog who had been dead for many years. (while I was still in school!) She ran down the hall to find that my infant nephew had pushed his head under the bumper pad and through the railings of that crib, (which was actually considered 'unsafe' for the times) and could've easily killed him, had he continued to fall through. The 'SPIRIT' dog (our beloved pet from years before) had saved the day and my nephew. he does btw, continue to show himself to us all and keeps a watchful eye over us. :D

As I mentioned, having grown up in a family of psychics and mediums, I have a lifetime of spirit stories I could share and I love each and everyone of them and love to share, but I won't bore everyone with anymore. At least, not right now, :p as I'd rather read more of others experiences!


Anyway, my mom took these pics by the room...I took the orb pic at the same time as her and didn't get anything on my phone. The first picture is one of me standing in a hallway, I think it looks so cool! The second one is right outside of our door. My mom got TONS of orb pics that night but that one was the coolest. I think I didn't get any because I felt so freaked out the whole night. !

Did you use flash when you took the Orb pic with your phone? Just wondered if it may have crossed your Mom's shot causing the orb. Mind you it actually looks like a heat photo, not seen an orb quite like that before... That throwing feeling must have been terrifying...


Try taking a pic of what's behind you in the dark with your phone.

You'd better take a sedative first...


Did you use flash when you took the Orb pic with your phone? Just wondered if it may have crossed your Mom's shot causing the orb. Mind you it actually looks like a heat photo, not seen an orb quite like that before... That throwing feeling must have been terrifying...

Nope neither one of us using flash. There was no one over there too. Yeah it was all very freaky and cool!



I've had a few encounters with ghosts over the years. Only a couple of them have really scared me.

On one submarine that I was on, you could hear a sound like a scrub-brush being used. This was in the lower level, aft end of the missile compartment. You would only hear it intermittently, it was not constant and several of the people that were on board when I was had heard it. Allegedly it was a sailor who had been cleaning down there when I fire broke out & he was killed. I know that we were in dry-dock while I was on board and the hull in that area was inspected (just to once again make sure the sound wasn't from something we'd snagged somewhere) - there was nothing there.

When I started working at the university police department (which I'm still working for, btw), I started as a security guard. This was back in the mid '80's. We would walk around campus at night and check all the buildings to make sure doors were locked, windows closed & lights off. There was one very old 2-story house towards north campus that used to be the residence of the university president in the early 1900's. I saw lights on upstairs this one night - so I walked up to the back door, opened it, took one step and felt a hand push me right in the middle of the chest. There was a VERY strong and quite negative presence that did not want me in the building. I said (out loud), "okay, you don't want me in there ... fine with me". I turned around, closed the door and locked it and never stepped foot in there again. Later that night, the shift Sgt. asked why I hadn't turned the lights off ... so I told him. He looked at me a moment then said; "yeah, I won't go in there either." :D

After I became a dispatcher, I spent many years almost exclusively on "graveyard" shift (wish I still was). Our old building had at least 3 ghosts that I would hear, feel or see from time to time. One would hang out in the hall way just down from the dispatch room and whisper and jingle keys, but would stop as soon as you approached.

Another would hang out in the P.D. lobby and admin office area and we would see him (or her, was never quite sure) quite often - usually a blurry mist that would move through the lobby then into the admin area.

Then there was one that would come in to dispatch and brush against you or otherwise try to physically interact. One night one of our officer (a Native American) and I were discussing things of a spiritual nature and the topic naturally turned to ghosts. And we were talking about the ones in the station ... suddenly we both felt, at the same time, a presence enter the dispatch room, it walked through both of us, then went back out the door. It was like a cold breeze wafting through the room. We could hear whispering as it happened, but I couldn't make out the words. And no, no outside doors were open at the time as you could see two of them from dispatch and hear the only other one open as it was quite noisy.

I did try getting EVP's or photographs but nothing ever did turn up. I had the distinct feeling that the one with the keys was a custodian who had died some years prior. Although he had died in another building ... the custodial office was in our building at the time. The others, I don't know. Though my Navajo friend who was speaking with me when we felt the spirit come into the room, told me the whispering sounded like Navajo, but he couldn't understand the words. So the spirit might be attached to the land there. Fortunately, none of these spirits ever gave off any kind of negative feelings.

Our building was torn down about 3 1/2 years ago. Before we moved out, I went through with a small singing bowl and tried to release the spirits there or at least explain what was happening so they would not be confused as the building was torn down. (They wouldn't let me use sage due to the smoke alarms.) I did also invite all of them to come to our new building. I'm not sure if they came with us or not, though there's been a couple of weird things here, so some might have. I have gone back to the new building that was built over the spot where the old one was and have not felt anything there. So hopefully they have gone on to their rest now.

I have only felt malevolence from spirits a few times. I have not yet been injured by any spirits or other entities yet. The meanest one I have yet to encounter so far was that one at the old president's house - I suspect that if I'd forced my way in, I might have had a nasty fall down the stairs or something fall on me or be thrown at me. That entity is still in that area although the house was torn down many years ago now ... I can still feel it if I go back to that spot. That one doesn't like me ... may not like anyone for that matter. I keep wanting to try to get an EVP there, but it's so hard to get a quiet night. Hmmm ... maybe this Christmas break ...

Those pushing forces scare me...... like the one on the stairs that newlilith experienced. I have felt more than heard or seen things.... well I have heard lots of things but I never investigated! I used to be terrified of sleeping in houses on my own in England but have never experienced that here really.

Trojon I didnt know about the singing bowl... I use one quite a bit... I also burn sage..maybe that keeps them quiet...

Gregory... O doubt you would get me down in those vaults!! I wonder how many sceptics have stepped into that circle and been almost killed?

Newlilith... that is definitely one crazy the heat rings....


Quantum Spirits

I guess with all the talk of Quantum leaping etc and experiencing communication with other dimensions, that nothing is so incredulous.....

I kind of went off on a train of thought earlier, and was imagining all the hidden ghosts and spirits being out in the open, and seated in various waiting rooms waiting to see counselors....


Those pushing forces scare me...... like the one on the stairs that newlilith experienced. I have felt more than heard or seen things.... well I have heard lots of things but I never investigated! I used to be terrified of sleeping in houses on my own in England but have never experienced that here really.

Trojon I didnt know about the singing bowl... I use one quite a bit... I also burn sage..maybe that keeps them quiet...
The singing bowl helps one to focus one's intent, but it also helps to kind of "smudge" an area with sound. I learned it from someone at a new age store here in Flagstaff many years ago. I had asked about how to clear an area of negative energies when I couldn't use sage (basically leftover energies after one very negative person had been fired). I'll chant something along the lines of "I banish all negativity and invite God's light and love to fill this space" while playing the bowl. In the case of those spirits, I was saying something along the lines of it's okay for them to continue on their journey and they could let go of what was holding them to the location. I don't remember the exact words as I kind of made them up on the spot. :blush: But it felt very right at the time. As I said before, I don't sense them in the new building, so I do believe that they are not tied to that place any longer.

As for the singing bowl, it's a smallish bronze one. I think it plays C. It fits nicely in the palm of my hand while playing, so it works for clearing areas where I have to move around. Certainly better than my great big fused quartz bowl. :D



I saw my granddad strolling up ahead and tried to mimic his walk: the rhythm of his stride, the swing of arms - how he held his head, shaped his hands - and in the moment that I had it I found myself inside his eyes, his length of spine. In shock I stopped and broke the spell, and as I stopped he stumbled, fell. As he rose he saw me standing there, came to me and, telling me "Never do that again," took my hand and walked me home.

a bird's skull:
from its sockets
I see me looking


The Night She Died

I woke in the night and saw her on the landing at the top of the stairs, standing in the darkness with a stillness that seemed to slow everything down. Although she was just a silhouette, I knew it was Mrs. Hall; despite that she seemed so strangely tall, her head nearly touching the ceiling. Against the pull of fear, I pushed myself to get up and make my way to my parents' bedroom. I felt her watching me, but she did not move. At the landing, I edged sideways along the wall, reaching beside me for the handle of my parents' door. The silence and the shadows were broken by light and the noise of my baby sister crying, my parents yelling at each other. Mum noticed me in the doorway and shouted at me to get back to bed; I burst into tears and cried out that Mrs. Hall was on the stairs. Dad looked around the house but there was nobody there. It was only a dream they assured me. Next day Mrs. Hall was found hanging through the attic space at the top of her stairs, her smothered baby shrouded in a sheet. We were moved into her house a few months later. When I saw Mrs. Hall on the night that she died, it wasn't to be the last time I'd see her.

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