Giant Rider Question...


I have had a Giant Rider deck for many years now - in fact, I'm not even sure of how or where I got it. I've seen that there were different printings of the deck (Belgium, etc...); so, just out of curiosity, how can I tell which one I have ? It clearly states that the box was printed in the USA - does that hold true for the deck itself ? If there's any mention of other locales, I haven't found them yet...

I also have a Thoth that I got in the late 70's or early 80's (no box though)... is there a way to tell just which one I have ?

Thanks !

Le Fanu

In terms of the Giant RWS, newer ones - nicer than the printed in Italy editions - have Printed in China on the box. They're nice editions and they have restored the original calligraphy card titles.

Beware though; there are boxes out there with Printed in Belgium on the box and a nasty printed in Italy deck inside. I know because I bought one. It was shrink wrapped, brand new in a bookshop - first hand - and only when I got it home and took off the outer shrink wrap did I realise it was not printed in Belgium. So nothing is certain. Go with printed in China if you see one.


Thanks Le Fanu... so far there's nothing to indicate that it was printed anywhere but in the USA. I like everything about the deck and cardstock... I'm guessing I got it in the early 80's.



Yes - the problem these days is the box is printed in one place, the insides in another, and sometimes they are combined in a third! One wonders how this is cost-effective. The box usually only states where the box was printed.

**** ETA ****

The LWB in my Giant RWS says 1992; the box says the cards were printed in Belgium, but the box was printed in the USA. The title card also says 'Printed in Belgium'.


A-ha... BOTH were printed in Belgium. Took a little while to find it though.