Giant Rider Waite 2010 printed in China

Wheel of Fantastic

So, I had a hankering for a giant RWS. Having read that the printing had switched to Italy in 2006 with awful print quality and the removal of Pixie's original font I searched for an older copy.

Found one on EBay that was supposedly from the mid '90s. On arrival it had a 2010 copyright, was printed in China with very good print quality. Best of all it has the original hand written fonts.

I haven't read anywhere about this switch back from the laminated-to-death Italy printing; I guess sales must have been BAD. Anyone know the actual story?

On a side note, I knew the cards would be big but they are huge and, well, GIANT! I don't riffle shuffle so size is not a problem but it feels like the cards are shouting at me, they're so big!

Shouty Tarot!


I don't know the exact story but I do know they started printing several decks in China. There's a version of the Original Rider Waite Tarot Pack printed in China; but just the deck as far as I know, I'm not sure about the whole set. I've seen a few threads about some of the China printings.

Lisa Myobun

And just to add a little footnote: I was in touch with someone in USG customer service, asking what edition I'd get of the Giant if I ordered directly from them... (been burnt before from Amazon with an awful Italian lacking calligraphic titles) - and he told me that the post 2010 editions printed in China were their best editions yet. I can confirm that my new Chinese-printed edition has a sharper print quality and equivalent cardstock than the 1990s Belgium-printed copy I got on eBay.... The recent China-printed pocket edition is also good - compares very well to vintage Belgian prints.