Gibeon meteorite


Anyone on here have any experience with this? I held a few pieces & each one of their energy shot through my arm, then down my body in an intensely deep, grounding sort of way. Yet I could also feel it in my head. It feels powerful! I sat in the shop for a long time just meditating with a chosen piece...that one will be mine at a later date; the price is steeper than moldavite.

The energy was strong even through thick acrylic (a couple were encased in thick acrylic, but the one I chose is surrounded by Sanskrit characters).

It gives an instant sensation comparable to moldavite that lingers for an hour or so afterwards, but there doesn't seem to be much info on it compared to the moldie. If anyone on here has it too, would love to hear your experiences!


I haven't ever heard of this meteorite, but I did just google it and it does sound like a very grounding stone. I'll be interested in how it will react in my hands if I ever get the chance to hold a piece. Interesting sounding crystal. I'm interested in hearing more about your experiences with it. Do keep us posted!


So I've gotten hold of a cheaper piece of meteorite that seemed to be screaming to come home with me (asked the tarot twice because I was deciding between that and a more expensive meteorite, and a pair of boji stones - Chariot first answer, 4 of wands 2nd answer; 9 of swords and 4 of Pentacles for the other two items).

Last night I slept with it under my pillow, and got a sad dream of people blocking me from my heart's desire.

Today I got news of rejection from a group I pitched my darling project to.

Well, real-life dream is on hold. I still live to fight another day. These things can take years anyway.

Meteorite is supposed to aid in strength and stamina for endurance. Maybe that's why it's come into my life now.

Also, held it with my moldavite & both of these energy powerhouses calmed down!