Good advice, celticnoodle! Thank you for posting. I have it set to remember my password, keep me logged in, etc. That way, it doesn't log me off when the site has timed me out for inactivity. And it sees activity as active page loads and submissions, not the hard work of typing.

It isn't just this site, by the way. There are other sites where similar happens. It isn't some Aeclectic Tarot Plot to make your life miserable, though some may believe that.

I wrote a brilliant post last night at another site - an academic site no less. Grammatically correct, properly cited, complete with list of references. Went to "Submit" and *poof* it was all gone. :(

The only advice I can give is to try what celticnoodle has described and also to type your stories into a word processor. The later is a good idea anyway because it allows you to copy and paste the story later to different places.


Yes. that's good advice. I have been doing this but sometimes I forget and ... DOH!

At least it seems to paste and post good here. The other site I referred to has non of the problems I mentioned above but it has a strange way of pasting and posting , so ..... <shrug>

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Actually I am talking to the invisible little entities inside this forum programme not moderators ... I do not know if technical 'fix-it-up' people inside the programme communicate with us ... I doubt I would understand their language anyway.

... Okay , I will try to remember to work off site and I will start a new thread at ;

'The Raven's Tale'

Lil Red

Fatima sure went through a lot but in the end all she wanted was her family. Now that is a fantastic story I read! :love:


Hi ravenest! :) This is a wonderful story and I enjoyed going through the entire thread. You're a gifted storyteller. The narrative kept me engaged from beginning to end. I felt very inspired.


The Rope Maker
The Spear Maker
The Sail Maker
The Tent Maker

Was this on purpose? This sequence? I think of the four suits of the tarot...I'm not sure, though.

I like that you didn't end the story with the Prince saving the day...or two people setting off into the sunset...and living happily ever after...Yet, I do taste a little bit of that, which is good and refreshing in a different way...It feels "conscious" and "on purpose."

I like how she stopped to pray to God, asking Him why these unfortunate events had befallen her. "Unfortunate" circumstances is a tricky thing because when you look at it...she was actually very very lucky. She could have easily been killed. She could have been raped. She could have been badly mistreated but, she wasn't. Her wish was to be "home." Where is home? In her moments, she could not see how this Wish, which burned deeply within her heart, was already becoming.

So, I'm thinking how fate, luck, and work (on one's self), are closely connected and related.

This idea of being "saved" by another is definitely something to explore. She didn't need saving, per Se, and maybe she discovered that the only person who can truly save us is ourselves. We can get help along the way and not know we're even getting help...because we're not the "containers" yet, aren't able to "receive" what's being offered. Perception of the way things are plays a huge role in determining what we will do next. It either gives or takes power away. We either discover that we have a reservoir of it or we don't.

I like how each scene seemed to flow so naturally into the next. Everything she resisted in the moment, only brought more pain and more sadness. When she focused on learning new tasks, or going with "present" circumstances, she made the best out of "not so ideal" events.

She was clearly a desirable woman. I think she began to tap into her own strength, her own power, her own being. And Jimon, he seemed to complement her, just right. But there was more to that union than riding off into the sunset. They had a mission. She, in a real way, helped to shape her own reality. And instead of a female entering a man's kingdom, it was Jimon's father who helped to bring an "enlightened" kingdom to Fatima's people, through Fatima and Jimon. What they were bringing was beauty and magic - what life is made up of if we could only see.

I liked that it didn't have that American dream style of thinking like "Rocky"...If you could pick yourself up and trek on, you can have what you want. Because...really...what did Rocky want? What was he aspiring to? To become "whole"? To become rich? or To get away from living a life in the ghetto? What was he transforming within himself? A fear? What did Fatima really want? To be reunited with her family...and she was. Her wish came true and she couldn't see then, in her isolation and despair, what she probably saw in that moment of reunion...that every thing which had already taken place, which seemed so horrible and unfortunate at the time, actually served a purpose. It wasn't all for naught. It's like she was finally catching up to herself. I also couldn't help but think of the 4 of Wands...the image of the tent - a cloth on four posts/poles/spears - associated with "home" and "foundation."

Thank you for this wonderful gift and for sharing it. ;)


Oh yeah...I, especially, like the name you chose for her. I was raised hearing the name "Fatima" often, related to Mother Mary, where the name could mean, "the shining one." It's an arabic name, meaning, "she who weans", and is also the name of Mohammed's favorite daughter...but, I'm sure you knew that already. ;)