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as for the story--I HOPE there is a bit more--

does she find her prince charming at all?
go back to ehr family?
live a life of luxury?


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How would I know ;) This story has a life of its own ... now I am sucked in as well.

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Fatima rode and rode as hard as she could, she had gained much ground but when she turned she could still see the dust of the far pursuit. She stopped and gave the horse a drink from her precious supply and sipped a tiny amount. They rested briefly but on remounting the horse seemed to insist on its own direction. ‘What does it matter which way we go.” She told him. “You may as well follow your nose; it is far more sensitive than mine.”

She rode for a day and through the night, stopping and resting until they were exhausted. Eventually she felt she had gained enough ground and needed to sleep desperately, she had nearly fallen off twice. Towards dawn they found some rocks and shrubs at the base of a huge dune, she dismounted and the horse, covered with foam nibbled on some twiggy branches.

She suddenly awoke to the Noon sun beating down upon her. Realising she had overslept; she ran to the horse, climbed up on to the saddle and stood up. … They were close. Too close. She gathered her things and jumped on the horse and they sped off, now they were close enough for her to hear their blood-curdling war cries. The horse raced up the side of the steep dune and as it reached the top, she saw it in the distance – ocean!

After several dune crossings, and the horse being slowed down in the soft sand, she reached the beach, the horse turned to the left and charged along the beach and the bandits followed.

She saw something ahead … what was that? People. There were people ahead on the beach. “They will help me,” she thought. As she raced towards them she heard them shouting … they were all men. But they had no horses. They were near a small boat on the beach and some ran to take weapons out of it, while others drew swords and knives from their belts. “They must see the bandits.” She thought. “But how did they get here?” she wondered but then she looked out to sea and saw their ship. A strange ship like she had never seen before … it flew a strange flag that made her now feel unsure about these people; the flag was black and had a white skull with crossed bones under the skull.

There was no way past them, they had spread out to the rocks that were now blocking her path, she tried to get past them but the horse tripped on a rock and went down, so did Fatima, fortunately roiling on a patch of sand. She jumped up and looked at the ferocious men around her bristling with weapons.

“They are bandits! “ She yelled at them, “Help me escape from them … I seek sanctuary!”
But the men did not understand her language and besides the bandits were upon them. A fierce fight was underway and Fatima drawing her dagger decided to fight against the bandits.
Eventually the fight started going against the bandits since they were clearly outnumbered... they turned and ran and carried their wounded with them.

Fatima looked at the men around her; they still looked hostile and began to circle her.
“Friend! “ she called out, but they couldn’t understand that. She looked at them and realised how different they were, she had never seen people like this before. One tried to grab her so she avoided him and drew her dagger. Now the men encircled her. She turned on the spot, brandishing the dagger before her. But all of a sudden she realised, too late, one had crept up behind her. He hit her on the base of the skull with his sword butt and everything went starry and then black ….

The men put her in the boat, rowed out to the ship and boarded. They threw her in a dark hold and locked the lid and the ship sailed off towards the horizon.


Nooooooooooooo! :eek: :( :confused: This can't be! She has to survive! unghhhhhhh!


Nooooooooooooo! :eek: :( :confused: This can't be! She has to survive! unghhhhhhh!


We know she will. She's going to get her dream come true and marry a handsome prince who will one day become King. :) HAVE FAITH, LP!


Fatima woke up, it was dark, and she didn’t know where she was. The back of head was pounding in a dull throb. She slowly sat up and rubbed her head feeling a large bump. It wasn’t totally dark she realised as she peered around. She could make out a large store room some crates and stores and other things. Then she noticed the whole room was swaying and rocking, I must have passed out she thought … but actually the rocking motion was pleasant … it was not a sensation she had felt before but she liked it. She noticed that faint light was leaking into the room from around a door, she went to the door and tried to open it, it opened.

She looked into another similar room, this one more brightly lit from above, and the light shining through slats. There were some beds, tables and chairs and other things an old woman sat at one of the tables sewing a very large piece of white material. She looked up and motioned Fatima over to sit with her, when she did the old woman slid over a plate with some food and a low flat pitcher of water. Fatima tried to communicate with her but the woman obviously could not understand her so Fatima, realising how much she needed it concentrated on the food and water. But still the room was rocking. She asked the woman about this but still she could not understand her so Fatima stood up and exaggerated the rocking motion with her body and mimed that she did not understand. The woman smiled and pointed up and Fatima noticed a ladder. She mimed to the woman; ‘me? Go up there?’ the woman smiled and nodded. So Fatima went up the ladder.

The light was blinding, at the top of the ladder she stepped out on to a floor, shielding her eyes, she slowly looked up and realised she was surrounded by men doing various work and they stopped and stared at her, some others came over to look at her. Fatima looked around and realised she was on a large ship, being from the desert lands she had never been on a ship before, not upon anything much more than the small barge that floated upon the oasis of her village. All of a sudden she became startled and looked around, there was water everywhere, she turned from side to side and ocean stretched in all directions with no land in sight. It was too much; Fatima ran to the large tree in the middle of the ship and clung to it. All the men burst out laughing and started to close in on her, one grabbed at her and she pulled her arm away and her hand went instantly to her belt … but of course, she had lost her dagger.

Then a man came swinging down off the tree from one of the many ropes attacked, he landed on the floor in front of her and gave the man attempting to harass her a terrific kick in the rear which sent him sprawling across the deck and caused the others to laugh, he had rather fantastic looking black leather boots that went up above his knees and ended in a large open cuff, so the kick must have been solid she thought. The man had a sword and a jacket of beautiful material and a rather funny looking large hat sitting on his head at a steep angle. Fatima thought he must be an important man and had beautiful clothes and there was something about him that she liked … although she probably shouldn’t, he still had his back to her standing there looking at the other men, his hands confidently on his hips, his legs apart, defiant, standing between her and the rather rough and untidy looking others, shielding her from them … against her better judgement she was starting to feel impressed by this man, his manner and stance. Slowly the others went back to their work and the man turned around.
Fatima almost fell over from shock … it was a woman! Not only was it a woman, she had the most amazing hair Fatima had ever seen, it was the colour of polished copper shining in the sun. The woman was beaming and smiling … she had BLUE eyes! Fatima looked her over, she had a sword, a dagger in her belt, another belt slung over one shoulder and crossing her chest and … she noticed rather embarrassingly that her shirt was half open revealing the top of her chest. Surely these people do not a woman for a chieftain she thought? She motioned to the woman that her shirt had come undone, the woman looked down at it and laughed. But she didn't do it up.

The woman stretched out her hand and helped her down from the raised floor around the big wooden tree … thing … she looked up … ah! I know what those are … sails, I have heard stories about ships from travellers and I could not quite understand what they meant, now she realised what they meant when they said that sails catch the wind that drives the boat. The woman led her across the boat up some steps to a raised area with a large wheel mounted. A man was holding the wheel but he wasn’t rolling it anywhere. Next to him stood another man and Fatima realised straight away that THIS was the chief of the ship. The woman went up to the man and he grabbed her around the waist with one arm and drew him to her and kissed her on the mouth “Oh, they must be married”, Fatima realised. The Chief and his wife talked a bit and talked to Fatima but she could not understand them and they could not understand her. Fatima held her hands together as if praying and pointed back over the back of the boat to where she assumed the land was … somewhere. The man shook his head and pointed in the other direction.

He grabbed Fatima around the waist, as he did done to his wife, but he placed her at the large wheel and said something to the wheel holding man who stepped back, he placed Fatima’s hands upon the wheel and let them go, she realised instantly there was a great and subtle power coming through the wheel, it started to turn but it didn’t roll and then the whole ship started to turn but the Chieftain quickly grabbed her hands and moved the wheel back to where it was and held her hands firmly there and then let go, Fatima understood, the wheel was controlling where the boat went , How fascinating, she began to enjoy it, for a moment but then she looked around and seeing only water all around her she became disheartened and let go of the wheel and looked at the woman and again gestured back behind them to return her to land. The Chief shook his head no and spoke to his wife, she then led Fatima back along the ship and down the ladder and into the dim room again where the old lady was sewing big bits of ripped white material together … not just white material Fatima realised , but sails.

She was sat down at a table and given some thread and a coarse needle and two pieces of sail and they mimed she was to sew, She began and the old woman stopped her and made her do it differently in a way that seemed much stronger than needed for clothes or anything Fatima had sewn before. She started to do what the woman showed her and the other two watched for a while, The Chef’s wife then placed her hand on Fatima’s head and ruffled her hair, she smiled at her and left, climbing up the ladder. Fatima stopped sewing and tried to talk to the old woman but the old woman shrugged and mimed ‘I don’t know what you are talking about’ and tapped the sewing a few times quickly and sharply with her finger so Fatima went back to her work.


boy, this story gets better and better with each post, Ravennest. thank you! :)


Yes, seriously, Ravenest, appreciate it so much! :love:

CN, I know fairy tales usually end well, but as Ravenest is the one telling it, you never know! lol! Anything could happen! The raven is always full of surprises...! :laugh:


Yes, seriously, Ravenest, appreciate it so much! :love:

CN, I know fairy tales usually end well, but as Ravenest is the one telling it, you never know! lol! Anything could happen! The raven is always full of surprises...! :laugh:

yes, I know. :laugh:

I'm sort of expecting her to fall in love with this pirate and the copper - headed, blue eyed woman will die or something and Fatima will take her place with this dashing pirate of a man--offering her adventure and riches the rest of her life! :D

time will tell...........