Gilded Tarot - 2 of wands


I know traditionally the 2 of wands represents a more bold energy, taking back your personal power, yet in the gilded tarot I don't get that.

It looks a though there is a choice to be made. Taking back your power maybe in being decisive, maybe .?
The golden sky seems a likely chance that your choice will bring some goodness to your life.
The birds remind me if intellect of knowing already what you should choose, but the universe has presented an option and the staff in his right hand indicates have the right to use free will, but again the left brain which is the feminine side represented intuition, again know which is the correct path.

The mountain on the left side of the card, looks as if to warn you, to choose carefully. choosing one path may bring hard times sooner than later than the right side of the path.

Any other thoughts would be welcomed.


Hi there! The Gilded Tarot is actually my current favorite deck! I love the imagery, the bold colors, the way the cards speak to me!
For me, the two of wands is about taking some time to sit and decide which path to take. It's about looking at your long term goals, putting them in perspective and making a choice. Also knowing that there is no wrong decision. The two paths are quite similar actually. Both paths are highlighted by wands, both have deer/moose/elk (whatever that animal is) to help guide, there is greenery along both, some grass, some trees or bushes, there are mountains on both, however, one is a bit smaller than the other, yet the larger mountain seems to have more light and some birds flying above. So the smaller mountain may be easier to climb, but the higher mountain, with a bit more challenge, may have a bigger pay out. Either way, you won't regret either path.
Those are just some of the things I see and interpret with this card. Hope it makes sense! :)


Hello 😊

I also use the Gilded Tarot Deck, what i feel about the Two of Wands is that it is the progress from the energy of the Ace of Wands, where your inicial goals, and new ideas and creativity begin to materialise! So for me is initial progress. I can see some form of partnership, not necessarily through contract (duality), and of course, choices and decisions being made in order to go to the Three of Wands Energy, witch is, initial goals accomplished and a sense of wishes coming true, but still needing to keep looking forward, and keep making future plans!

This is my point of view! 😊

Much Light for you!

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I have only been doing tarot for like a month and a half but I started with the guilded tarot. I first started studying the wands and I took the two to have one possible meaning as sometimes people want to take the easy way to get that instant gratification but when you really apply yourself and dig in the rewards can be so much greater you just have to be patient. either way your work will be rewarded just how big of a payout depends on your choice.


the 2 of wand of this deck , it shows the 2 paths, it could be partnership, it could be a choose of where to go,direction, maybe you are stuck on which way to go because you don't know what would be lead you to.