Gilded Tarot - Ace of Wands


Birth or conception of child (male child)
Firey passion

Anyone any thoughts on this


Always have looked at the aces as the spark, seed, of an idea or action. I would think this would be conception of a child, more out of passion (one night stand type of thing) than of love like the Ace of Cups, more of a planned pregnancy. Male or female wouldn't be determined by this card alone.

Just my 2 cents


Ace of Wands Gilded Tarot

I'm going to try not to just "ditto" the posts above so I'll focus on other thoughts.

Ace of Wands in this deck reminds me of Ben Franklin's kite and key. Power or energy is being given and it's up to you to figure out how to make it yours and use it. You already have a kite and a key for that matter (perhaps someone just gave them to you recently if you didn't have them around already).

The moment of inspiration might be fleeting but it is strong and if we nurture it, we can create something longlasting and amazing.