Gilded Tarot - Eight of Wands


Action. Already in motion. Set in perfect alignment already on its way to its distination. Moving over of a pasture of peaceful placid sheep grazing unaware below. Maybe you are unaware of the plan that is already in motion or is it your plan and the sheeples below are unaware. Though things are started and well on there way they are not yet complete. Lets not count our chickens before they are hatched things could still go wrong. But right now things look good and could if left to the path they are now set on be completed quickly. To me the wands look like they have just been launched and have not taken the turn to come back down, so if you do not like the way this plan is playing out, there is still time to change it.

bumble bee

Eight of Wands Guilded

Do you think the sheep are there because their peaceful pasture is sort of the opposite of that firey wand energy that is bursting thru or are they followers once that energy is set in motion?


For me, the sheep represent the polar opposite of the flying wands; they are mundane, shambling munchers, following the same, static routine, day-in, day-out...basically going nowhere, and in no particular direction.

By stark contrast, the wands have been launched with a very definate purpose; in perfect formation with each other, they're swiftly zooming towards a very specific goal.

In some ways, it's rather a shame that the artist didn't add some serious motion-blurred trails to the bases of the wands, as I imagine they're actually travelling at some serious speed!


The 8 of Wands is good new coming in. Can also be things speeding up in what was a stale situation.

In a 3 card reading last week, it to represented a premature birth.