Gilded Tarot SG - 6 of Pentacles


In the book, the author talks about his not paying attention to the coins he is giving out. Almost like giving by rote and with no heart behind it. That kind of bothered me because I never see the 6 of Pentacles in this way. But by looking at the card more, I can also take it to mean "am I open to recieving what is being offered to me or am I letting it fall to the ground? Am I missing what is being given to me?"

What are your thoughts on this card?


Gilded Tarot SG -- 6 of Pentacles

In this depiction of the of 6 of Pentacles, the act of giving seems self-absorbed, self-satisfied, appreciative of the wonder of form ( he admires the two pentacles in the balance-scale , under the chandeliers), but something is missing.No giver and receiver, face to face.
There is no direct act of compassion. There is no soul to soul interaction. The 6 Pentacles are divided into the two above and four below, as if the world of those who have is split off from the lower have-nots.Trickle -down economics and arts. My first take, still looking at this dramatic split- image.


this is usually a positive card, in other decks. Why did the artist make it into something negative? I dont understand that.


Gilded Tarot SG -- 6 of Pentacles

I'm not so sure it's just negative. Matter enchants us into self-absorption, disconnects us from each other, unless it is heart-filled and heart-led.
The whole set of Gilded pentacles shows a beautiful enchantment by and entrapment in material forms, calling for warmth of heart not to be neglected.
I like this different approach -- it's fresh and alive to me. But it does depart from emphasis on the positive Kabbalistic 6. More pentacle, less 6. So I see this for now.


I saw this card as being carless with money, just letting it fall away to be gathered up by others. Which in a sense, amounts to just about the same thing as the author's interpretation... waste.



I saw this as having plenty of money so it didn't really matter how much is given out. Helping others can be a sacrifice or a joy...this man just does it. Could it be it's expected and his feelings are neutral about it.
I can see though about the throwing it away idea.


Maybe he have too much money. And he doesn't know what to do about it. So he throw it by the window.


I see this person as knowing he has wealth and a duty to share some of his gain with others. He shares with those who deserve it, earned it and shoudl be recognized for their contributions. I see this as his official role/duty - not to give just for the sake of charity. He obtains some measure of pleasure (he is smiling) from this duty and perhaps his heart is uplifted by the act.

The sleeves of his robe are pink, to show kindness and compassion. His hands are soft and gentle-looking and the scale appears balanced in his hands.

The gold light of the candles seems to me as recognized knowledge/wisdom of his actions. It is the right thing to do.


The Jewish word usually translated as "charity" is "Tzedakah" which comes from the root word meaning "justice." Anonymous giving is the highest form of giving in the Jewish tradition. This card, with the scales of justice, and the man not looking at the ones he is giving to, reminds me of this concept. He knows he is doing a "mitzvah" - a good deed, so it gives him joy. And the hands can receive the gift without feeling beholden to him, as the gift is anonymous. They, in turn, will pass some of it on, anonymously, when they are able.


I like RedMaple's view :D I haven't had this card turn up in a reading yet though, so we'll see how it plays.