Gilded Tarot - Three of Cups


Clearly a card of celebration. Are you celebrating, will you be, should you be? The water of golden emotion is flowing and all those involved in this outpouring are in good spirits. Maybe it is time to get together with friends, family, lovers, co-workers or just go by yourself somewhere where people are gathered to have some fun. Make a happy ripple in the sea of emotions today. Maybe it will make your or someone else's day or year. All the elements are available to you use them, enjoy yourself with others. It's time to cut loose and fly even if you don't think you have any reason to celebrate. Do it just to do it. Even if you can't make yourself go as far as to celebrate, just feel pleased about your life in general and have gratitude for your life. The more you are grateful for what you have the more you will have.


I'm snowed in today but I have much to enjoy because I was not caught unprepared. I usually think of 3 of Cups as a time of celebration and appreciation with others, like a party, but now I find myself exploring how we can do this anytime and anywhere. There really is so much available to me right at my fingertips. Today is definitely a day to appreciate my warm blanket, stocked kitchen, and inviting craft room, ...not to mention shelf full of cards.

Right here in my home I am surrounded by those I love, human and non-human. They are definitely worth celebrating! So I guess sometimes this card is telling us we have more to celebrate than we might be noticing or appreciating. Right here, right now gives you the 3 of Cups so maybe stop waiting for confetti and a disco ball to fall on you.


Three of Cups

I love your view of this card and how you will apply it to your own "snowed-in" experience right now.

It is a joyous card isn't it?