I have jupiter in 7th, doesn't that help some?


What do you think guys?


Solar Returns and their ability to indicate things seem to change from person to person. Jupiter in a given house doesn't necessarily say "yes" to me, so much as it will likely providing you many opportunities. Whether you take them up, however, is up to you.

Venus is your seventh house ruler which is probably the best place to start looking regarding this. The problem is that it's both in an intercepted sign, conjunct that sign's ruler (Neptune) and in the 12th house. This makes me feel like while you may have opportunities around you to get into a relationship, you'll either miss them or pass up on them entirely.

Your Ascendant ruler - Mars - is also in the 12th house, which might cause you to feel frustrated over not feeling like you're being seen, especially since it's also in the intercepted Pisces sign conjunct Neptune. It's also squaring your traditional 12th house ruler (Saturn) in your 9th house, so you'll need to really work on what your expectations are, learning to really walk your talk and talk your walk. Ground your expectations and evaluate whether you're putting the work in to make those hopes and dreams happen.

Jupiter (Pisces' traditional ruler), Uranus (Aquarius' - your 12H ruler) and Sun/Pluto are locked in a t-square. It seems like this year, when it comes to relationships, will be more about you likely learning to adjust your expectations and any behavior that may cause you to not be particularly open to any opportunities that come your way. Sun is also conjunct Pluto, so it'll definitely be a year of doing some serious re-working in terms of your larger goals and sense of self on a bigger scale. It'll be a year where you'll likely need to learn to own yourself, especially yourself in relationship to other people (t-square hitting 1st and seventh house).

So the general answer is - Yes, if you allow yourself to genuinely be open up to the opportunities. But it may be a while and it may be necessary for you to do some internal work to find a stable relationship.