Glass Owl's Spreads

Glass Owl

Spreads I have created (or in a few cases, helped create):

If you decide to use one of my spreads and post the reading here at AT or on another site please include the spread's title, my name as author, and a link back to the spread's location. Thank you.

General or Multi-Purpose:
The Mary Poppins Spread (2) - Originally posted in Bodhran's 2 Card Quickies Index Thread
The Trick Spread (2)
Chinese 5 Element Spread (5)
Situation Snapshot Spread (5)
All-Purpose Compass Spread (6)
The Pressing Issue Spread (6)
Waiting For The Ring Spread (6)

Self Discovery or Improvement:
When One Door Closes Another Door Opens Spread (2)
Brawn, Brains, & Beauty Spread (3)
The Hermit Spread (3)
(I'm Gonna) Wash It Right Outta My Hair Spread (3)
The Tiny Spark Spread (3)
A 12 Step Spread (3) - a modified version of Rev. Alan Geddes's 12 Step spread at Wicce's Tarot Collection (a site that no longer exists)
The Way of Tea Spread (3)
What Matters Spread (3)
Your Pain Spread (3)
Caring For My Soul Spread (3 or 9)
Signed, Sealed, and Delivered (3 or 4)
Cadet Maxim Spread (4)
A Fresh Start Spread (4)
Your Mind Garden Spread (4)
Pulling The Covers Over My Head Spread (4)
The Give and Take Gratitude Spread (5)
The Kick In The Pants Spread (5)
Moving Forward After Trauma Spread (5)
Under Pressure Spread (5) - a modified version of my Working Under Pressure Spread (5)
I Wish To Be A Parent/ I Am A Parent Spreads (5)
The Victorian Clockworks Spread (6) by Glass Owl - For The Steampunk Tarot Deck
The Band Aid Spread (8)
How Can I Be More... A Guidance Spread (9)
Going With The Flow Spread (10)
The Steps To Soulful Living Spread (10)
Lemons Into Lemonade Spread (14)

Fact Finding:
Repetitive Card Spread (5 or 8)
A Child Is Born Spread (6)
Who Was It Knocking On My Door? Spread (6)
Like A Thief In The Night Spread (6)
The Scale Of Consequences Spread (8)
Parent/Child/Family Spread (AKA Glass Owl's Paternity Spread) (12)
Huge Adoption Spread (33) - Based On DangerDork's Separation/Reunion Spread (15)

The Storybook Relationship Spread (4)
My Life As A Vampire Spread (6)
Writing A Suspense Thriller Spread (8)
The Be Like Nancy Drew Spread (12)

Who Are You When You're In Love Spread (4)
My Responsibility Relationship Spread (6)
Preparing For Love Spread (8 or 12)
Being Friends Spread (9) which is based on my Potential Suitor/Which Suitor Do I Choose Spread (7)
My Fidelity Clarification Spread (8) - I basically took a lot of people's ideas (Cat, SilentBreeze, le fey, rwcarter, afrosaxon, BeyondTheVeil, etc) from the Collaborative Spread Creation #2 thread and threw my own ideas/views into the mix to come up with this.
Attraction Indictators Spread (9)
Relationship Box Spread (10)
Eye-Opening Relationship Spread (12)
The Seeds Of Friendship Spread (15)
Two Deck Partners Spread (8+8=16)

Conflict/Communication Issues:
The Tude Spread (6)
Communicating With Another Person Spread (8)
Approaching The Unapproachable Person Spread (10) - sweet_intuition's "Go Get 'em Tiger" spread (10) was the starting point for this one.
Misunderstanding Phone Spread (11) - a modified version of le fey's Telephone Spread (7)
Strong Negative Reaction Spread (12) - I put this Collaborative Spread Creation together with rwcarter (Rodney)'s assistance. Some suggested spread positions were borrowed/inspired by Stregaverde's Pesky Problem Person Spread (8)
Double Arch of Insight Spread - Collaborative Spread Creation #1 (11) - A group of us (rwcarter, Fire Cat, Lilija, Melvis, and myself) collaborated in this thread to come up with this spread.

The Heads Up Spread (3)
Efficiency & Effectiveness Spread (3)
What Have I Learned? - A Career Spread (5)
Working Under Pressure (5)
My Simple Work Life Spread (5)
Elected Position Spread (5) - My Waiting For The Ring Spread (6) was the basis for this spread

Spreads Based On Movies & Books:
The Grinch Who Stole Christmas: A Heart Spread (3)
Know Thy Self Spread (3) - Inspired by The Matrix
Let It Go Spread (4) - Inspired by Disney's Frozen
The Mockingjay Spread (3) - A Hunger Games Spread
Yoda's Dark Side Of The Force Spread (3)
The Charlie's Angels Full Throttle Spread (4)
The Moulin Rouge Spread (4)
The Breakfast Club Spread (6)

Spreads Based on The Avengers Movies:
Reindeer Games - An Avenger's Loki Spread (5)
Unfinished Business - An Avengers spread (5)
The Hulk Smash Spread - For Dealing With Anger (5)

Spreads Based On TV (all of these could go into the self discovery area as well):
Fight or Flight: A Gardiner Brothers Spread (2) - based on charcters in Witches of East End TV show
The Secret Agent Spread (4) - Inspired by Covert Affairs and The Black List
The Vampire Diaries Love Sucks Spread (5)
Moonlight's Mick St John Vampire Cross Spread (5) - based on JudyZ's The Vampire Cross Spread (5)
Dr. Tom's Therapy Session Spread (6) - Based on the tv show, Being Erica and is about facing regrets and mistakes
The White Collar Spread (8)

Spreads Based On Cartoons:
The SpongeBob Krabby Patty Spread (10)
The "Good For Your Soul" SpongeBob Spread (13)

Spreads Based On Songs:
A Match In The Night (2) - A spread inspired by the Ludy Lescot deck and The Smashing Pumpkin's song, "The Beginning Of The End Is The Beginning."
What Are You Petrified Of Being or Becoming? Spread (7) - Based on the Susie Suh song, "Godlike"
A Failure To Communicate Spread (8) - Inspired by a hidden track by Limp Bitzit and GNR's song, "Civil War"
I Don't Want To Be A Puppet For You Spread (11) - Inspired by the song "Do You Like It" by Our Lady Peace

And lastly, here are some other spread indexes that I've compiled here at AT. The spreads in these indexes are from a variety of creators:

Collection of Halloween/Spooky/Darker Theme Spreads
Collection of Spreads Based on TV/Movies
Collection of Spreads Inspired By Music

2-3 Card Spreads: Part 1 and Part 2
Spirits, Ghosts, Death, and Tarot - Spreads and Thread links
Spreads For Lost/Missing Objects, People, or Pets: Post 1 and Post 2

Need To Make A Choice? 3 Decision Based Spreads (not by me) I like:
Which Path is better for me, The Different Path's Spread, and Too Many Choices Spread


Wow thanks! I always love your spreads and this definitely helps me find them so much easier. :)

Glass Owl

kaesrel said:
Wow thanks! I always love your spreads and this definitely helps me find them so much easier. :)
Thank you so much! It wasn't until I decided to make the commitment to track down my spreads and organize them that I realized that there were so many!

And now here is a new one!

A Child Is Born Spread (6)


thank you so much for all of these spreads. I wrote quite a few down that I will be using sometime soon :)


added to my spread book

I have finally finished writing down all of your spreads and they are amazing! I love them and am very greatful for them. I will be usuing these spreads very frequently to get the best reading i can from them :0 ! I will even be trying some of your spreads together at the same time :D ty again!

Brandi _

wow!! i have to try some of these! thank you!

Glass Owl

Ronia said:
Glass Owl, I'm a bit puzzled to be honest... Regarding my Knocking On Your Door Spread which I created and posted here: in 2009... We are either telepats or... worse. It was alos requested for the last year's Tarot Calendar...
As you see from my spread index I have been inspired by various spread requests to come up with my own spreads including my Pulling The Covers Over My Head spread. In addition, I always do my best to mention my source(s) of inspiration, help, and if my spread is a modification of someone else's work I state that.

When Finaflight asked for spread assistance in this thread I was inspired that very day to write my Knocking On Your Door Spread. I remember playing The Men At Work's song "Who Can It Be Now?" several times as I wrote that spread and my husband, who was playing a video game at the time, complaining and asking why I kept replaying it.

It didn't occur to me to search for a spread link to help Finaflight because frankly it seemed like such a specific and unusual topic that I didn't think that anything of that nature would be out there.

I had no idea that your spread existed and if I had I would have happily provided finaflight with a link to it. If you look through my post history you will see the countless times that I have provided others with links for spreads (not my own) that may be helpful to them given the question(s) they are asking.

Ronia said:
Glass Owl, I'm a bit puzzled to be honest...We are either telepats or... worse.
I am not puzzled in the least by the similarities in our spreads. We both tackled a very specific topic and really there are only so many questions and side points that one can address with such a narrow focus.

I have to admit that the "or...worse" part of your statement stings and I hope that I have misunderstood your intentions. There are countless books, movies, songs, and other creative works out there that have passing similarities but that doesn't mean that their creators didn't come up with the ideas on their own :(

Ronia said:
It was alos requested for the last year's Tarot Calendar...
I'm happy to hear the good news and that your spread has been so well received. It is something you should be proud of and hopefully it will encourage you to create and share more spreads in the future.

Pam O

I really enjoy the creative twists of your spreads. A small book that could be carried with some decks would be great. I bought a book of spreads and it is ENORMOUS in size, and it just does not need to be.
Are you planning a book? I hope so. :)
Thanks again...


Ronia said:
Glass Owl, I'm a bit puzzled to be honest... Regarding my Knocking On Your Door Spread which I created and posted here: in 2009... We are either telepats or... worse. It was alos requested for the last year's Tarot Calendar...
You both might have a similar title for your spreads, but from looking at them they seem very different.

Glass Owl, if you keep this up, you're going to have to put them all together for a book!