Glided Tarot - I The Magician


I just love this card in this deck.

All the tools are right there, ready to be used. And he uses them well...making them dance even. There is a planet in the background, not sure which one...but makes me think a journey is being started to go find out about it. The Magician's expression looks very knowing and confident. Some say the Magician is a conjurer, or seducer...maybe, but it would be the power aspect of it.

I could take this to mean...someone (like the Magician) will be a guide, or that You could be that Magician and are in different phases of expertise with the tools depending on the spread, question, and feelings/intuition received while doing the reading.

I love the way the tools almost glow...urging you to use them, to use the tarot to find out more.

Isn't the Magician card a Gemini card? I could be wrong, I don't know the Astrological correspondences yet. If so though, I can see that... Gemini's motto is "I think" so it's about gaining knowledge which fits perfectly with this card.


I can't identifie the planet either. But I find cool the faint lines with the suits symbols. It suggest an atom. As if the magician was able to manipulate the infinate small.


annik said:
I can't identifie the planet either. But I find cool the faint lines with the suits symbols. It suggest an atom. As if the magician was able to manipulate the infinate small.

Yes, I like the suggestion that the atomic level, and science are part of modern magic. So much of what we take for granted in our world would have been seen as magical -- even this weird cyberspace thing we're doing was total science fiction when I was a child.


I have been looking at it as a yet undiscovered planet. Something of the mystery to be uncovered. Or the "hidden magic" maybe.


ana luisa

I´m also quite interested in The Magician card although I must admit that it bothers me a bit... I can see that he is almost "juggling" with the suits, playing with the elements but the only part I´m drawn to in this card is the so called "planet" in the background. The first time I saw it, it "screamed" fertilization (I wonder if the color green was added to it on purpose). For some reason, I see that green "planet" as a cell dividing itself, as a conception that went right. So, strangely enough, to me it´s more a card of birth/pregnancy than The Empress.Does this make ANY sense?


In additional to what has been already written in this forum, I'd just like to add...I think the Magician tells us we must be aware we can change something before we can change it.
We must be aware we can do something before we can do it.
We must be aware we can learn something before we learn it

Barbaras Ahajusts

As the Magician can accomplish whatever he wants to, or wants you to percieve he/she can accomplish, I see that planet as an eclipes of the sun.

I am aware of the power of my will upon you. I know what I am capable of doing to you, to anyone. (The Magician, not me. ;) )

"Look upon the sun. Its light grows dim, dimmer, even dimmer by the second. See your world grow dark as you gaze upon the sun. You see what I tell you to see, what I want you to perceive."
(What is not or what is possibly true.)

Therefore the magic that we desire (to be our reality), is in the power of the Magician's handiwork. Be it in a relationship, or in our everyday scope of living.


Mystic Leo

He is almost like a hynotist, "I hold the power" have the power, to do what you will, for the outcome.

The what I think it may be in the background.


His expression makes me think "deceiver" rather than "trickster." He appears over-confident and self satisfied. Maybe he's yet to understand that a wise man knows that he has much left to learn.

The planet makes me think of Uranus. The unexpected and the uncontrolled. He has power and tools, but despite (or even because of) his confidence, his power can easily get out of control.


This card to me shows me a man (warlock)seems to hold all the suits of the tarot which tells me he knows all and see's all.he is able to control what he wants you to see and is able to hide what he doesn't want you to see i think that the planet in the back is what i like to say that the possibilities are endless if you put your mind to it.also the grey hair on the man tells me he is old and wise and with that says to great wisdom.