Going out tonight (oracle version)


I'm supposed to be going out with a group tonight; I've done a tarot reading on it and now I've done an oracle for reassurance.

I asked what will develop between xx and i tonight. (An interest).

Natures whispers oracle I'm using here's a picture

No set position

43 - Love Matters
42 Let love be your beacon
50 - Potential Gateway

My take on the reading;

I feel this is suggesting that after recent obstacles it's important that I don't block my heart off to the thought of love, no matter how big the betrayal might have been. I feel this is is suggesting that past relationships have gone now and there's no one that can cause me pain accept myself, I feel this is a time for me to enjoy living in the moment (tonight) and learning to love my self and being able to help others accept me for who I am. I feel this is suggesting that I shouldn't shy away at the possibility of a romance developing, I need to be open minded. (Love matters), i feel the next card love is your beacon is suggesting that there will be a new way of being able to view the situation tonight, I feel this suggesting that I need to be open in seeing it and maybe it's time that I need to communicate my desires towards them. I feel the peacock in the image is there to give me some luck; and the butterfly's are their to represent a change. Potential gate way I feel is suggesting that what ever will happen or develop between us it will cause a change, a new path it will allow us to appreciate each other more or stop talking and move on I feel what ever tonight brings there will be an energy shift and it might be one of the most important yet.

An thoughts ? X