Golden Tarot -- Eight of Cups


This is an interesting version of the eight of cups. Much of the card is taken up with the entrance to an above-ground cave that has a river at its bottom. The rocks that form the sides of the cave look almost as though they were arranged by human hands. Probably the river is flowing out of the cave. A bird is flying out of the cave. Eight cups are arranged at the bottom of the entrance.

On the right side of the card, a man is walking in the light of a full moon. He looks like he doesn't have much in the world. He's dressed in white shorts and shirt with a blue sash and socks and shoes. He carries a knapsack over his shoulder and a small basket in his hand. He looks resolute.

The moon is a sad face. Behind the man is what looks like a city wall or a row of low houses.

We don't know what he's leaving behind, but he looks determined to get beyond it, even though it doesn't look like it will be an easy journey. He is walking right past the cups. He doesn't want to take the easy route. The stream and bird make me think that he will find inspiration to carry his journey on to its conclusion -- or at least it's next phase -- and that he will find himself in a better place emotionally than the one he has left.


A few days later....

Looking at the card again, and thinking about it some more, I now view the stream as an image of his own journey. Just as the stream is emerging from the dark cave, his journey is all about discovering and being able to see clearly a deeper emotional truth than he has found thus far. He has to leave something behind -- a relationship, perhaps, in order to find something deeper and truer.


Prism I have learnt so much from your descriptions :)

I am looking at my eight of Cups card and can't see a stream emerging from the foot of the cave, it looks more like a dark void to me and that is what our guy is walking away from, all his cups may be full yet he feels empty inside, the birds flaps around restlessly at the mouth of the tunnel and a branch grows outward knotting itself as it strains towards the moon.

Lovely card.