Golden Tarot -- King of Cups


A tall and slender king stands at the water's edge. He looks quite young and has reddish blond hair and a reddish beard. In his left hand he holds an arrow pointing down, which may be showing that he will protect his kingdom if necessary. Like the page and knight of this suit, he is dressed elaborately in robes of green, blue, gold and what looks to me like ermine. His feet are encased in armor, which may be showing that although he is artistic and sympathetic by nature, he is not allowed to indulge that side of himself very often. He wears a golden crown.

On a nearby rock is a cup. A crab approaches, indicating the sign of Cancer. A fish or some sea creature in visible in the water. Out at sea is a ship with it's sail tied up. Maybe it has just set out to sea. The people in that boat are looking at another sailing ship in the distance with its sail unfurled.

It is a nighttime sky. The king looks like he is gesturing to the cup with his right hand, although he doesn't look at it. He gazes to his left.

He's a kind looking man. He looks like he'd rather be listening to music than worrying about battles and taxes.


because he gestures toward the cup while looking at his men at sea, he appears to be telling them, "Brute force is not the only way to win battles...sometimes you must feel your way through to victory"

Something like that.

He's also holding an arrow, suggesting he is open to a good old fashioned fight.