Golden Tarot -- Queen of Swords


A woman of a certain age stands on a castle terrace. She stands in profile, facing the right side of the card. Her outfit gown is interesting -- it's of a brown and orange-ish pattern and reminds me of a bird's plumage, which would make sense, since she's an airy Sword. Her crown sits atop her thick braid of hair, wound around her head.

She holds her sword in her left hand, pointing nearly straight up. Her right hand rests lightly on a marble carving. Behind her is an arch, through which we see the partly cloudy sky. In the distance there is a castle on a green hill, with people, some on horseback and at least one on foot, below. Behind this is a city, and behind that are two mountains.

A butterfly looks like it is approaching her -- maybe it is bringing her an idea, or a message.

She's thinking. There's a lot going on upstairs. She's a Queen, so she uses her power behind the scenes. She may be planning some kind of intrigue, or figuring out how to deal with some information she has just received. She will not hesitate to use her power to protect the kingdom.