Golden Tarot -- The Moon


nocturnal spookiness. A creaky sound heard during the day means little, but at night...the creaky sound can often be the scariest monster lurking in the shadows.

It's all about sensitivity and context, with your own imagination to fuel it. Whatever is "hiding" in the shadows or making that "creak noise", has more to do with your own subconscious fears than any reality

I really like the idea of "Fantasies" and "Chasing dreams" or Illusions.

the moon is one of my favorite cards. But Im a fan of David Lynch films, so this would make sense :)


This is one busy moon card. I love it! I don't usually like faces in the moons but this one is lovely, and as mentioned already, strong and feminine. I always felt the moon was female. This card, to me, implies something like secret desires, secret activities, things you feel more comfortable doing at night (such as the kiss after a date!). All these animals waited until night to come out and play. It's almost exciting, like what kind of mischief will they all get into...