Golden Tarot -- The Sun


A baby rides side-saddle on a gray horse, arms outstretched, as it approaches diagonally from left to right. He or she looks straight at us, smiling slightly. The baby's blond hair is tightly curled, and a remarkable golden, jeweled crown with long, vertical jeweled plumage sits atop his or her head. A long filmy white scarf partially covered the baby, and extends way over to the right side of the card.

A huge, fabulous sun shines in the upper center of the sky. We see the lower two-thirds of it or so. The center of the sun is a face, eyelids half open. Its eyes look over to the left of the card. Around the face is an ornate gold frame, which matches the baby's crown in style. Around the frame are the sun's rays. The horse has little gold sun shapes as part of his costume.

Behind the baby is a wall against which is growing a green hedge with pinkish flowers.

The baby's face looks somewhat masculine to me, and the sun itself looks feminine, so there's a balance here.

There is a feeling of innocence (the baby, the white scarf), openness (the baby's arms) and victory and success and achievement.

The sun's face looks a little reserved or cautious. Maybe it realizes the danger of its own power (maybe I've been reading too much about global warming). Or maybe it sees dangers ahead.