Golden Tarot -- The World


A woman stands before us. She wears a cloak, under which she protects her people. She's oversized and they are underdized, according to the proportions of the church they are standing in. She wears white and brown. In her right hand she holds an arrow, pointing down. Her hair hangs down over her shoulders. She looks straight at us. She is inside an ornately decorated oval. Outside the oval are symbolic representations of the four elements -- angel, eagle, bull and lion. They float in the sky. The angel holds a scroll that has musical notes and words. All the people under her cloak are women. The woman encompasses everything -- the spirit and the earthly world.

I'm not sure what the arrow signifies -- her ability to protect herself and her people?

She is finished with her journey. She has brought herself and her people to safety. Now she will go back out into the world -- maybe she'll need her arrow there?

This card seems to be saying that this is the time for completion in order to be able to start afresh. You have reached safety, and now you need to go back out into the world and do it all over again.