Golden Tarot -- Three of Cups


A celebratory trio of women, each holding a full golden cup, stands in a large green garden or clearing at the left front of the card. Behind them and to the right stand two musicians playing their instruments. A little brown dog sits nearby. Behind them is a wall, and behind that are more trees.

Two women stand in front of the third. The two in front smile at one another and look like they might be clinking their cups together in a toast. It might be part of a dance. The one behind holds up her cup in a salute to the musicians. They look like they are in their party dresses -- one white, one a muted orange and one gold and a deep red. They all have long, fair hair.

The musicians, both men, look out at us. One wears a colorful outfit of gold, black and red. He also has a large matching, conical hat with a tassel. The other one is dressed in a long green and brown robe with a matching hat.

It's a festive, lively looking card, and all the people look involved with the each other. The women might be celebrating some good news or just the fact that they are together. They could be related to one another or good friends. The music adds an important element to the celebration because it allows the women to dance. It gives them a way to express their happiness. And, in turn, the women give the musicians a focus for their music. They form a happy little world of their own.


Looks like they are toasting to a New relationship/partnership/friendship. Perhaps a creative or some other art form. Definitely a celebration without downsides. It's a beautiful looking card.


Here's a twist:

a bunch of teenagers out partying while mom and dad are back home worrying with their sad music.