Golden Tarot


Is anyone interested in reviving the Golden Tarot (Kat Black) study group?


I just got the deck a few weeks ago so I would be very interested. However, I am going on vacation for about a week in a few days though so I would not be able to contribute until I got back.


That wouldn't be a problem.

I'd found some threads that were started a while ago, but they hadn't looked at that many cards. :(

Hopefully, more people are interested as well...


It would be great to see Kat Black's deck discussed again in a study group.

You may have already noticed the index for the existing study group here:

Golden Tarot Study Group Index

Feel free to add to any of the cards already started, and if you wish to start any new cards, please use a separate thread for each.

Please let myself or Sulis know (by PM) about any new cards started, and we will add them into the index.