Good Witch, Bad Witch...


I just got my copy in the mail and love these adorable little cards! For some reason I am glad they are small and intimate. I've started reading through the book and just soaking in the various witches and what they stand for, as well as reading some of the spells. While a great deal of these are for relationships/love spells, I do like some of the other spells and will be able to come up with my own readings/spreads and ideas from the artwork, itself.

Any other fans of this charming little deck?


Me me!

I love this little deck.

Interestingly...I don't get too much out of the book, though.
These work really well for me on a completely intuitive level.

Sometimes I will post a reading with them, and then later look up what the book says about a particular witch, and see how close it matches! :D

and I love doing reading experiments with them. Sometimes I do two card seperating out the Good from the Bad and then drawing one of each!

Every October I have a wonderful gig, called Witches Night Out, and I bring this little gem along with me, to tell everyone what witch they are that week!

6 Haunted Days

Yesssss. I've adored this deck a long time. It's actually a lot deeper than some might think at 1st glance. Many symbols, animals, moon phases etc. I don't use the book so much, it is really geared towards relationships and romantic love, but this is one of those oracles you don't need a book really.

And the images are just whimsical and captivating! I love her art, she did Kemp's Faerie Wisdom (I really recommend this deck, it's beyond adorable and unique, but it's OOP now and going for $30-$50 on Amazon) and also Tree Magick, which I adore as well! The Tree Magick cards/art are really really beautiful.

This set is just perfect, I love the size of the cards, I like just looking through the cards admiring the images. I love all of Gillian Kemp's book/cards sets, she's a favourite of mine.


Anyone know of a link that shows the cards themselves?


I have this quirky little deck and love it. I love using it during this season. The cards are adorable and perfect for october readings. :D I even have the Faery Wisdom cards and find them really pretty and accurate. {Thanks Chronata. :*}

Chronata said:
Every October I have a wonderful gig, called Witches Night Out, and I bring this little gem along with me, to tell everyone what witch they are that week!
That sounds like a fun night. :)

willowfox said:
Anyone know of a link that shows the cards themselves?
Here are a few pics.


I like the look of these cards!!



Thanks very much A.Shikhs for the pictures.

What strange cards.


Your welcome. :) They are strange but really adorable and accurate. :heart:


They are a great little deck, and the card size is so suitable for them (if that makes sense :p)
and they are accurate little witches as well - Ive had a few eye-openers from them ... like a marriage proposal I got!! :bugeyed: ... I declined it, but it was these cards who predicted it ....:p

Chronata - the Witches Night Out sounds fantastic, and the way you seperate the deck! That sounds like loads of fun!

Blessings Elven x


Good Witch Bad Witch is MY favorite oracle, since the day I bought it. I grab it first for everything. The art is very lovely. I love the artist and I bought the decks she made with Kemp (Fairies, Tree Magic) but Good Witch Bad Witch is really the best deck the artist made. Tree Magic has large borders that take a lot of place with texts wandering around and the art is not as well done, I mean the trees don't get much details, the tree on the cover of the box is the only pretty, well detailed tree for the whole deck, so it's really sad. Fairies is better done but GWBW is really the better one of the three. Those witches are so cute and are real tricksters. I use the deck for pretty much any kind of reading and what I love about them is that I can make silly readings and they don't mind, they have a good sense of humor and take everything with a grain of salt. Tarot is so serious and my tarot decks seem so stiff and serious. With GWBA, everything is okay with them, I can even ask a question many times when I get impatient, I would get tossed in a corner if I were to do that with a tarot deck. The deck is perfect as well for Yes/No questions and so far they have been quite accurate, like 98% of the time. The only thing though that bothers me with the deck is that there is no male witch, I would have loved seeing cute male witches. ;)

I scanned my deck a while ago for my digital journal but I just uploaded it in my gallery, if you want to see the scans: