Gothic Tarot - Vargo Study Group -We know what we think... But what does Vargo think?


Is there anything out there that say what vargo intended about this deck. The meaning behind the cards? His reasons for the pictures there are?


As mentionned in an earlier thread, The Gothic was supposed to be a pip-only deck but, Vargo, inspired by the Rider-Waite Smith, decided to illustrate the minors. I'm quite thankful to Rider-Waite Smith, for millions of reasons, and one of them is that The Gothic Tarot wouldn't be what it is, as beautiful, if Rider-Waite Smith wasn't there; there would be not much to discuss about.


Well, WE know what WE think, but I was just out to Amazon and there are ZERO writeups on either the Vargo Gothic Tarot or the Madame Endora Fortune cards.

I think it would be a nice if at least a few of us would go out there and give a review......


There are way more informations here!!!

This a Q&A and Filipaka and Vargo answers to many questions about the deck and some mysteries about it. They even say they plan to make a companion book to the Gothic Tarot at some point. They even plan to extend the Madame Eudora's Fortune Cards to more cards (78) and to make a companion book to it as well.

Thank you for the link Cerulean!!!

September Pixie

ah.. I remember the anticipation when my deck was coming.. you will be blown away when you get the cards.. I can promise you that ;) meanwhile, check out some of the threads of the music notes hidden in the cards.. even listen to the melodies.. they even sound like his music, and in his own words.. it was a total coincidence! :D


Wahoo---September Pixie---even more reading material....I cannot wait for this deck to arrive---and I actually have it in my hands....can't wait!!!!!!!!!1