Gothic's Moving Pictures... Animate me


You know how in Harry Potter the pictures all move around, and interact? Wouldn't it be *great* to see some of the Gothic deck's images come to life... or am I the only one with such a wicked imagination? Yes, I *know* these are vampires and gargoyles and wicked creatures I'm talking about animating, but... it could be fun!

What would they do next? Who leaves the picture, and who steps into the frame? And, dear dark Lord... what would they SAY if they spoke?? })

Sometimes, when I read, the cards will begin to animate in my Sight, and I'll get some piece of information that way (one example, with the RWS 10 Pentacles, I've sometimes had the central couple dance a circle around each other, and this will suggest something pertinent to the reading, "He's checking you out, he's watching you from afar.").

As of yet, this animation does not happen for me very much with the Gothic, but perhaps some imagination is needed to fill the spirit. I wish it did!

However, I've definitely had the 8 of Wands in this deck give me vertigo, and the impression the banshee was coming right for me. That was a different kind of animation. Wooo~! Bring that one to life and then DUCK!

If the animation could take me into a card... I think I'd go straight to Card Six. :D })


Indeed what would they say if they spoke?

Im with you Alissa, I feel the same way. Often I imagine what some of these creatures would say if they could, getting into their minds, emersing myself into the card. Now who's sounding crazy lol!


Oh come on.... get your deck, people

Well, it doesn't help that my imagination is working off of the trilogy I just finished, Piers Anthony's Planet of Tarot series, (kindly loaned to me for entirely longer than I should have taken to read it! Bad Alissa....) And in the series, Anthony brings Tarot cards to life, so it's kinda playing in my mind.

And, I think I'd like to talk to the 6 of Cups. I'd like to know what she's reading.... I can see her look up and smile at the intrusion, answer my question, and then kindly turn her face back to the pages before her. (And if it's James Joyce, I'd say she's in hell... not heaven).

Do you think, as a ghost, you have any need for books? I hope so. (I don't wanna think about a place without good books - or good smoke - in my forever after~! ;) And I don't want to be in a place where I know it all, and have no need to study either).

I think I'd like to simply animate and then sit back and watch (voyeaur!) the 10 of Pentacles, and the 10 of Cups.

The 10 of Pentacles card... the vampire might look up to consider me, or he might not. I think he's rather enthralled with his new catch, the buxom wench he's making his mate. Definitely his mate, why else would he have her in his arms? A victim would be discarded like a leftover cardboard box to a Happy Meal. A dark wife, however.... Now there's something to take to the basement and play with for a while.

The 10 of Cups card... mmmmm, can I have a bite? }) I think I'd not ask though, she looks rather proprietary over her own thrall as well. But, what *would* she do next with him? Inquiring minds would like to... watch!

It doesn't escape me that I seem to gravitate to the cards that indicate "fulfillment" as the ones I'd most like to animate first.

Here's another animation idea : So far, I've mostly been thinking of "turning the cards on" like a TV and watching them. But what if you *could* step inside them, either as an observer or a participant, like virtual reality?

Like I said before, I would likely go straight to Card 6, Do not pass Go, Do not collect $200. Do you think his teeth are in her neck yet? Or is that her look of anticipation?

Or is it, as Umbrae called, the orgiastic rite of immortality, to be shared between them, again and again... always bringing the Lovers fulfillment? The Dark Garden of Eden, eternal life, sinless, blameless, and immortal. Look how she clutches her forever-stilled, beatless heart... as if in rapture. })


great dark lord,'ve caused me to add this to my "must-have" list })

do go on ;)

oh, I've seen those books at and wondered about recommend them?


Yea! Another has been bitten! But FaeChylde... if I go on, everyone will know what a big geek I am...! :|

I don't know... this is a Lovers card for me. For one, it's not airy fairy, I freakin hate that. For two, it deals with not just the idea of Love, but Choice, which is integral to understanding the card, I think.

Here *I* see two vampiric immortals, renewing themselves. They have chosen, the choices are made and here we see them continuing on with their choices - i.e. they are vampires, they've been vampires, the choice to become one was made long ago, and because of it, it necessitates choices in the current time as well, largely motivated from the eternal devotion these two share to and with each other.

He looks a bit haggard, I think he lets her go first, since she's looking pretty, plump and unwrinkled. But she's a fastidious eater, and wouldn't make the mistakes of sophmoric vampires by staining her gown while feasting on his black, sanguinic spray. hence, we see her in unstained white.

His hand is on her abdomen, and I See it sliding upwards as he holds her in his arms. And, I See her hand clutch her own thigh once the penetration itself happens, as she gasps with unholy delight.

I should probably stop my own animation of this card right now, since these board are for all ages, eh??? :D })

And, do I recommend the Anthony series? Well... they were very interesting. He puts forth a very unique concept of Tarot (and obviously did plenty of homework, b/c he was very informed about the subject). While I found some of his suppositions interesting, the plot line itself was too drawn out (over 3 books) and incohesive as a narrative, I felt.

But he made some interesting philosophical points along the way, so it was a "good read," even if I likely wouldn't read the series again.