Graphics Tablet or Pen and Paper?


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agree 100% for mouse!^^ lolz hear that a lot!^^ lolz :))


That is correct. But all tablets and pens are not equal.. If you get a system that recognizes the angle you are holding the digital pen at, and it acknowledges the pressure you are appliying then its really can be a similar experience to 'traditional' media.. To take this process one step further I have splashed out on the new Apple iPad pro and digital pencil. (The pencil won't be delivered until mid January) but i did test drive it at the Apple store, and found it intuitively easy to use. I see this as the next level because i can now detach myself from my workstation and "sketch/paint" away from the comfort of a the sofa, while watching TV, or a doctors waiting room, or plane flight. Just as I would have done years ago with a pencil and paper sketch pad.....

I'm waiting on the delivery of my Apple Pencil as well (mine will arrive late Jan to early Feb; Apple really did an abysmal job of gauging the demand for their new stylus!), and once I have it I will purchase my iPad Pro at an Apple Store. Have you decided which iOS app you'll be using to do your work? I recommend Procreate. I recommend Procreate with every breath in my body! :D It's a professional-level digital painting app for iOS and I've heard it works wonderfully with the Pencil. I've also heard that Pixelmator for iOS is good, and if you have Adobe CC then you have full access to their iOS suite which is meant to be used in tandem with the desktop CC suite. There is also an app called Astropad which allows you to use your iPad with a Mac desktop much like you would use a Wacom Cintiq.


For my deck I painted it all traditionally and then scanned them in at a high dpi. Then I cleaned up all the images in photoshop and tweaked any colors that didn't get scanned correctly. I have some other ideas for a possible future deck and that one will probably be just drawn digitally with a tablet.

Really the best medium is whatever medium you are most comfortable with. If you are most comfortable with traditional drawing/painting you can always get good scans later on to digitize them. If you already like drawing with a tablet that might be the best. :)


I draw and paint on canvas and paper (and some other craft media), but all of my decks were hand-drawn on paper, scanned and then colored digitally using a mouse. My first attempts at using a pen tablet didn't turn out too well - maybe it's because of poor hand-eye coordination or whatever. I'm going to have to force myself to give it a try again this year, though. It's interesting for me because I am left-handed and I draw and color (on paper) using my left hand and color digitally using my right hand. It would be quite an... adventure if there exists somewhere a program that allows two pointer tools to be used in digital editing software like photoshop and I attempt using both my left and right hands (pen tablet and mouse) in making art. :D

Anyway, I suggest you go with whatever is comfortable with you - just be mindful of consistency since it's something that ties the look of all the cards together. :)



just to say I just got new/refurbished tablet for around 100$!;)) it's old model but with active digitizer I always wanted!:) so happy I get rid off that mouse!XD it have fantastic keybord any writer will apreciate!^^ lolz and hovering pen is my fav !^^ lolz ;))
just saying there is always more options for hobby artist!:))


For those who painted on paper or canvas, what size was your paper/canvas? I want to create images in analog then scan them, and I'm sure they should be bigger than the finished size, but not sure if there's an exact size that is best? I don't want to start the artwork, which will have a lot of detail, find out the sizing was wrong then have to re-do the whole thing!


I did the Ferret Tarot cards around 6x4 1/2" in size.