great deck!!!

manuel ruiz


my name is manuel ruiz, and my sister recently came from prage, and she bought me the tarot of prage!! let me tell you that i am amazed with this taort!!1 is very very precise!1 and i love the art in the cards!! its awsome!!


Hi Manuel,

You are right this is a wonderful deck!

Please feel free to add your own thoughts about any of the cards to the threads already started here or start new threads if you want. Its always nice to read other peoples thoughts on the cards. This is still one of my favourite decks and you will find some wonderful posts in this study group.



I completely agree Manuel! It is one of my all-time favourites. I am visiting Prague at the moment and enjoying picking out the elements that form the deck - a real joy for someone who has studied the deck and loves reading with it. Enjoy it, and as Jewel-ry wrote, we'd love to hear your insights into the imagery and symbolism contained in the cards.


Just bought it!

Hi Manuel,

I was drawn to the art. Haven't received my deck yet, and I'm anxiously anticipating it's arrival. Can you tell, I can't wait to get my hands on the cards?

I keep going to the Deck section to look at the pictures of the cards. Hmmmm, patience is the virtue, I work on the hardest.

Angel Star

You will love this deck! Hope it comes soon. Its so different. I have had great readings wit it and my client loved the art work.


I've got this one coming to me. :) I've had it on my wishlist for a month. Something about it kept calling to me. So we will see.


Great visiting Prague with a copy of this deck

Hi there,

Great to see such a discussion group on this deck.

I recently went to Prague with my partner and his parents. His mom is a psychic and she loved my deck when I bought it.

We had great fun organising our trips out and walks through the city to find the specific artwork and icons featured in the deck.

Prague is a wonderful, historic, atmospheric and welcoming city and the deck is a wonderful "tour guide".

Highly recommended . . . the deck and a trip there!