Green Tourmaline


So I bought a green tourmaline in quartz (smaller than a woman's balled-up fist, but not much). My reason for buying it was to use on my heart chakra, with the intention of making a greater connection with our plant friends. Does anyone have experience in this area?


No response. OK, does anyone have ANY experience with green tourmaline? Has anyone worked with it?


The only tourmaline I've worked with is the black schorl kind. :(


Thanks Redfaery, looks like green tourmaline's going to be a lone road...


I have some, just never really worked with them. They are so small that I'm afraid to lose them I guess. I've always preferred other heart chakra stones so I never feel inclined to pull them out. Sorry.


Green tourmaline is awesome. It is like - like standing in hip deep water, by a dock; it has this kind of swirling, loving, emotive pull to it. It does deepen one's heart sensors; you may feel like you are feeling more, and more deeply.

Lovey stone. Works super well with pink tourmaline, if you are planning to open heart chakras, as pink guides self-love, or lower heart chakra, and green guides compassionate love for others, or upper heart chakra :)

And of course, black tourmaline will work well with it too, as a grounding stone - so you don't get caught up in emotional tailspins...

I love tourmaline in all forms, for emotional work. It is like the Cups suit of the tarot :) Enjoy yours, Eva!


Padma you hit a high note here!!! I don't know why but I never equated tourmaline with the Cups suit; but it SO FITS!!! All of a sudden I'm wanting to totally DRAPE myself with it!!

"like standing in hip deep water, by a dock; it has this kind of swirling, loving, emotive pull to it"

So Cups!


I'd only seen the small pieces myself Beancrew, but stumbled upon tourmaline "specimens" completely by accident on eBay. The piece I have is mostly crystal quartz with green tourmaline that almost looks like seaweed (Padma!) slung across it. I'm thinking this may be the start of a long love affair with this stone (she said with starry eyes and a wistful tone) ;)