Grimaud Tarot of Marseilles Booklet


It strikes me that, while many people often inquire about books or booklets related to the Marseilles Tarot, especially beginner's books - and indeed, a number of suggestions from the rather limited English-language literature on the subject are given in reply, no one has yet mentioned this vintage booklet in English which would have accompanied the Grimaud (Paul Marteau) Tarot of Marseilles deck in the 1970s.

The LWB itself is a bilingual booklet (only the English part is given below), and it is largely a rehash of the original Grimaud booklet from the 1930s/40s written by Paul Marteau.

The contents include: a brief introduction; 4 kinds of spread: the classic cross, plus 3 increasingly extensive spreads based on the astrological houses; divinatory meanings for the full pack; plus a number of divinatory meanings for "encounters" ("rencontres" in French), i.e. 2-card combinations in this instance.

It is available online here, in PDF:
And here, as image files, along with scans of the entire deck and box:


I won't download anything from scribd; it is full of copyrighted work uploaded by all sorts of people without the permission of the author. I'm glad to see the image files on trionfi; downloading THOSE now !


Thank you for the links. The second one is extremely useful!