Had to put my 22 year old cat to sleep today 😥


Is there anyone on here who sees animal spirits who could tell me she is ok? I feel so drained and sad,thank you.



Not me. But I want to send you a big hug and positive energy.

Starri Knytes

Did you try pulling a few cards, doing a reading for kitty? It might be a little soon, I sense some confusion. Hmmm...
It might be worth a try though.
I've had success bringing messages from the other side be it pet or person. I find simple decks work best. Light a candle have kitties pic on the table and see if kitty will come to you. ((hugs))

Please let us know if you need help.


That's really tough :( Sorry for your loss :heart:


I agree with Starri, a bit soon, I think - let her get settled into her new vantage point on life...

If it helps, I can see a light and dark cat (like - a partial tabby, some white in the fur?) in a sleeping "meatloaf" position on a sage green coverlet...I may be totally off, but it seems she has not gone anywhere as of yet. Still on the bed. :heart:

When speaking with animals who have crossed the Rainbow bridge, it can sometimes help to meditate on their picture, as well as envisioning a wide open, green field...and calling the animal to you in the field...

I am so sorry for your loss, Tarotlova! :heart: losing the physical aspect of our animal companions is always so very difficult...I always remind myself that they have merely gone through a different doorway, and are still with me on some level...sending prayers to you and to her! (((((((((Tarotlova and :heart: kitty))))))))))


:heart: tarotlova :heart:

If it helps--before our Juno died, I saw him in an extremely vivid vision, floating in the ether, surrounded by rays of light, like the Virgin of Guadalupe, and with instant and certain knowledge that his spirit would be eternal and in glorious harmony with the universe, AND that this applies to everyone.


When I got my first cat he was already old and well, he got much older and then he got sick and I had to euthanize him. I was heartbroken when I lost him, but I also felt guilty about this decision since I could not afford to keep him. I had a dream about him some time after, that I was in the world of the dead with him and it was a wonderful place: warm, bright blue skies, the sun was very bright, almost blinding me, there were green plains and trees in the background, colorful flowers. My cat was there playing with the flowers, and we played together, he seemed to be very happy and I felt he wanted to tell me that he was in a great place now without suffering and that I should not worry about him.

I just want to say that I'm sure that your cat is there now, relieved, happy, and playing in the fields. I hope that my message will calm your pain a bit.


Thank You

Thank you all so much, it means a lot to me, and yes it has helped me to read of your visions, they were beautiful and I love to think of her playing in the flowers sorounded by light, and hopefully my boxer dog who she used to sleep with :)


sorry to hear that Tarotlova, I am still sending positive thoughts :(
as well as cards to see if there is a message, you could ask her to send a message or sign? see if anything happens or you get anything :heart: