Halsey's Tarot Influence


Ok so I just found out how Halsey's entire album aesthetic is heavily based on the RW tarot deck. However I'm more of a casual listener than a real fan and I don't really know if there's anything else to it than aesthetics. Does anyone have a more formed opinion on the matter? I'll probably try to create parallels later on this thread between the lyrics and the songs' cards but this is it for now


I just stumbled upon some of her new songs recently! I wouldn't say I'm a die hard fan but I enjoy a classic Halsey song or two :p From my initial listening of the new songs so far (at least the three songs that were available on VEVO at the time) I think its mostly just aesthetics but I haven't analyzed the lyrics so don't quote me on that. I do like the imagery she is going for. It inspires me to go buy a cheap RWS to do some collage work with for a personalized deck!
Does anyone know if the cards she uses are taken from an actual deck? Some look like standard RWS but others look like they come from some other tarot deck...


Since the release of her album, it seems to me that the tarot influence is mostly in the aesthetic of her album.. maybe a few songs refer to certain cards in a general way (Devil in Me as the Devil card).
Speaking of new music artists and tarot influence: I watched Lana Del Rey's album trailer for her new album Lust for Life and she kinda gives me Magician vibes in that video. Maybe its just cause there is stuff floating in the air above her but what do you guys think?