Hanged Man - Major #12


Greg Louganis?

Not exactly sure how a card about stasis and "living in the moment" (LWB) play together, but the physical content of the card image ties in well.

(If you've never read 'Breaking the Surface' by Greg Louganis where he talks about hitting his head on the diving board and bleeding into the water knowing he is HIV+ changes his life ~ it's a good read)


I was thinking of how it must feel to be a diver (not that I've ever done it), once you've left the board and set yourself in motion, there must be a feeling of timelessness while you're floating in midair for that instant, when you perceive your surroundings with unusual vividness and clarity, and you've basically done all you could do and now can only wait to see the result.

-- Lee


I think I read somewhere (but not sure where) that Lee didn't have Greg Louganis in mind for this card. I was surprised it wasn't on this thread. Does anyone know where I might have read it?


Hi VisionQuest,

Have a look at this thread:

Gay Tarot

posts 124 and 125 mention him briefly.


I found this card to be of particular interest in that the Hanged Man was a diver.....the planet associated with this card is Neptune. Speaking in mythological terms, Neptune is the Greek name of the God Posiedon who rules the waters (oceans).

I also noted 7 seagulls in the air....the number seven corresponds to awareness (a new awareness) and self-reflection. Seagulls represent many things, but traditionally Seagulls remind us that the complementary side of a carefree nature is the proper acceptance of responsibility. When you commit to something and others are depending on you its not appropriate to just fly off if the mood strikes you.