Hanson Roberts - 8 of Swords


Sometimes when I'm working with the cards a quote or phrase will pop into my head, and then it just sticks as the meaning. The phrase that popped for this one is, "My hands are tied." As in, "I wish I could do something about it, but my hands are tied." It seems like they are waiting for the situation to change, waiting for someone to come to the rescue, as if they do not have the power to change the situation. Since this is the suit of swords, I think the restraint is definitely more mental than physical. Her clothing even appears binding, with a lace up bodice, so assuming she dressed herself, she chooses at least part of her bondage. Then again, she may feel that is what is expected and that she has no choice in the matter. The blindfold represents the inability to see a way out, or even to recognize the reality.

I have a couple of different takes on the castle. It could be goals that seem out of reach. The distance from the castle to the water below shows that a person feels they must sacrifice their emotions or their desires. In another sense, I imagine the castle represents some sort of authority: the law, church, parents, etc. whose oversight prevents someone from having the freedom they would choose.


Good observations !
I see her standing in a sea of turbulent emotions, which is making her feel mentally imprisoned. The blindfold says to me that she is not looking outside of herself but only within and not seeing the whole picture or what's around her. I don't have my deck on me but that's what I recall from the top of my head. I'll check the castle when I get home.


Today I discovered that the long standing HR deck I dismissed the first day I bought it is calling me to bring him to life. While I was looking with a fresh eye at the cards, trying to forget how much I did not like them first time, I stopped perplexed on the 8th of Swords. I was shocked. I got a very different impression as I use to see in 8th of Swords - passion, sex, lust.
The beautiful girl tied up looks really delighted with this (SM), she does not want to escape, I can almost see the beginning of a delicate smile on her lips. I got such a strong impression of sensuality in her posture, with the head tilted in submission and that long, beautiful, vulnerable neck exposed for everything, kisses or teeth...Anyone saw this?


I also got the impression that she isn't completely unhappy with her situation.

it kind of reminded me of people who moan and complain about their lives, but secretly or even subconsciously like the drama it causes