Hanson Roberts - 9 of Cups


I picked this card in a daily draw and it reminded me of a retired physician I came in contact with that day. It made me think about the healing and restorative aspects of this card. Using the imagery on the card, I could see the man as a pharmacist, or an old time apothecary ready to mix a remedy for you with his mortar & pestle (those cups on the shelf behind could pass as mortars). According to the meaning here on AT, the 9 of Cups can be thought of as the "wish" card. Just like a genie in a bottle can grant your wish, this guy can make a magic potion for you. I can just as easily see him as a bartender willing to listen and offer helpful advice. It can also represent a time of enjoying life's simple pleasures, a little R&R can be a very healing thing.

Considering the 9 as a number of completion, I think this card could also represent the reader or querent as someone who gained enough experience to be the one offering the advice or remedy.


I can also see him as a person able to give advice. Like a psychologist or councelor. The whole inn keeper, or bartender aspect pulls it all together. Bartenders are always giving advice, or at least in the movies they are portrayed as such. That is a peacock feather in his hat. At first I thought that stood for wisdom, but then I looked it up. Heres what I found.

"In history, myth, legend & lore, the peacock is considered an emblem of protection, nobility, watchfulness, guiddance, and holiness."

It fits the association of a healer, doctor, psychologist or anyone else able and with experience to give advice.

Thanks for the in-sight


to me he seems to be a merchant of some sort, possibly offering drinks like a bartender, or medicines like a pharmacist, or maybe he's selling cups, .....whatever your hearts desire is can be filled. This is not a card of "needs" it's a card of "wants"
sometimes doing what's good for you doesn't have to be all wisdom and thoughtfulness and a lot of esoteric insight. Sometimes it's getting what you really wanted, what you really had your heart set on.