Hanson-Roberts - 9 of Pentacles


I've noticed in this deck, the falcon's head is not covered. Any ideas as to why this is the case, when other decks do have his head covered?

majah kahlana

I think it just depends on the artists conception. And honestly.. I thought the bird was a Bird of Paradise.. lol.. anyway your question got me to thinking so I went through all my decks. Here's what I came up with
Celtic Dragon: The bird is a dragon and theres a man instead of a woman
Celestial: There isnt a bird anywhere in sight just some big god guy on stars and clouds (Bootes)
Rider-Waite: The bird is very tiny but could be a falcon and the head is not covered
Gilded: Yep looks like a falcon that is hooded and jessed. But the tail is kind of long I thought for a falcon
Angel (Stuart Kaplan): Just the pentacles no lady or bird of any kind

So I guess it all depends on how the artist wanted to draw the bird. But I think its interesting to note that a falcon that is hooded is getting ready for the hunt so that could change the meaning of card just subtley enough. If you look at the bird as the Bird of Paradise (as I did) then that can also have an effect on the meaning of the card. Very interesting question you brought up Disa. Thank you.


Thank you for your reply. Not sure where I got "falcon" from- maybe it is a bird of paradise. I saw on another thread mention of the covered falcon having significance. I probably don't know one bird from another and assume them all to be falcons ;). My radiant Rider-Waite does appear to have a red hood covering the bird's head. I also have the gilded and saw this.


I believe the hood on falcon's head stands for a period of rest, the lady in the 9 of Pentacles is enjoying herself at that moment but she is skillful in what she does, she is pretty much like the falcon but "hooded" by her garden.

So, if this card we have a paradise bird (still a luxury) probably it modifies a little bit the meaning of this card, it adds enjoyment of beauty to the rest taken at the garden.

Please notice that this card doesn't show the snail seen in RWS decks, that snail is a potential prey for the falcon, in Hanson Roberts we are in a snail-free garden, no need for a hunting bird.