Hanson Roberts - King of Swords


Sword Courts show a place with very harsh weather, Court characters dress with fur coats and very well protected for outdoors activities, this King is no exception he wear blue clothes and armor under a red coat, his throne shows an eagle, and probably so they are the 3 birds seen flying in the upper left corner.

King of Swords is the more diplomatic court card, his communication and mental skills have no match, real life of this court could be inspirational speakers, judges and lawyers, negotiators and the like.

I've come to see the appearance of this King as an intuitive confirmation that you had connected perfectly with your deck and the wisdom it brings, or in terms of cellular phone communication it would be as full signal bars in your screen, of course it doesn't mean that any reading where the King doesn't appear is useless, King of Swords might appear as a jumper card or as shadow card once in a very long while just to let you know the "signal" is good.