Hanson Roberts - Knight of Swords


I got this card in a random selection for today’s study. As most of the swords cards the sky is dramatically cloudy, so other colors in the card pop immediately, there is red in the strings of his helmet, green in his coat and brown(probably leather) in some parts of armor.

This Knight is following an ideal and not ready to attack because of the position of his sword’s blade, his eyes are lost in the shining tip and not looking to whatever is in front of him, he might suffer an accident or be attacked without realising what hit him, I relate this attitude with the red strings of his helmet, all his passion is focused on the ideal he is following.

His green coat makes me think in the fertile creativity needed to survive in the tough conditions shown the place the swords suits is located, this idea is reinforced by the presence of mountains with snow as symbols of high stable tought.

The cards transmits the feeling of speed by the movement of white horse hair, helmet strings and coat, the Knight knows where he is going and he is going moving fast to reach that goal.

On a reading this Knight shows us the moment when we need to focus on what are we doing and to be pushy if we want to get things done, generate ideas and react quickly and of course trust in ourselves and what are doing.

I got this card as advice for a difficult meeting, some authority had every possible “No” to our requests (some reasonable, some not) this Knight energy gave me confidence to be pushy and explore every possible scenario until we got answer near to a win-win situation.

Negative nuances of this card include acting/talking without thinking first, lost of focus on what are we doing and taking aggressive attitudes.