Hanson Roberts study group - favorite card


Yeah, the expressions on this deck just can't be beat!

Temperance, of course. No need to explain.

Queen of Cups. Waite says "Beautiful, fair, dreamy - as one who sees visions in a cup". This card nails it.

The World. I'm a guy, and I know the nude female commonly stood for purity in the Rennaisance, but I'm relieved to see her clothed since there's a spiritual importance to this one.

Page of Cups. The surprise, innocence, lack of worldly knowledge.

The Empress. The look on her is great.

The Sun, the Moon, the Star. I've just kept looking at these.

Loved the comment about the Eight of Swords reaching to break free, Sophie-David. This card also kept catching my eye.


I didn't want to buy this deck because I know I've got it somewhere. So I finally broke down and bought the mini version so it'll at least be different from my regular one (assuming I find it someday!). I can't wait to have these images in my hands again. :D


I am new here but this is the deck I use the most with my readings. The scary thing for me is that several people I know are in this deck. The Empress is the spitting image of my first major love. The King of Pentacles looks very much like me.The 10 of Pentcles looks like a young couple that I knew The King of Swords look very much like my friend and teacher. This deck will always hold a very special place in my heart



MaxZorr said:
The scary thing for me is that several people I know are in this deck.

I know exactly what you mean! Every other card in this deck is a ringer for someone that I know.

For that reason, the Empress is one of my very favorite cards; she reminds me so much of my aunt, who died of cancer a few years ago.

I also love the Seven of Cups and the Eight of Swords. I love to examine all of the little things the sorcerer is conjuring from the cups, and the 8oS is so expressive, despite the character's blindfold. It's a really powerful card for me, for some reason.


I like the Wheel of Fortune. Lots of Symbolism. The Ace of wands is done nicely also. I am a little thrown back by the court cards. Compared to my other deck (Robin Wood) they lack symbolism. Espicially the page cards. Actually, I think I like all the aces.

Astraea Aurora

Shale said:
I know exactly what you mean! Every other card in this deck is a ringer for someone that I know.

The same here. It's has the most pictures reminding me of people I know of all my decks.

My favourites are Queen of Cups, Page of Cups, Page of Pentacles, Lovers, Temperance, Moon, Two of Cups and Two of Swords.

Don't know why that is but the HR holds me captive since months, it's fascinating, I never thought that would happen to me. :D

Astraea Aurora :grin:



I love 'The Hermit' and it seems like an illuminated version of the Waite pack to me. I like the way Mary Hanson-Roberts gave him 'Hobbit' type proportions.

I have to admit I like every card in the pack and the backs too.



I know this is an old thread, but I am really liking this deck. I know a lot of people write this deck off as too happy, but I have found it to be very deep, especially with the swords suit! That was the whole purpose of me getting this deck; I'm an Air sign, so I tend to look for cards that have a good Sword suit.

I love all the cards, but my particular favorites are the 3 of swords, Page and Queen of swords, 9 of swords, 10 of swords, the Star, and 7 of cups. There really isn't any card that I truly dislike.


Swords are what I seem to have the most trouble with.

Being a water sign, I guess it's no surprise that my favorite is the Ace of Cups!

I love how colorful & expressive the cards are in general & I love the colors & design on the backs too! I've really connected with this deck & part of it is probably the way it came to me, but if I hadn't liked the images, I imagine I wouldn't feel the same about it.


I had buyer's remorse when I first got the HR. However, I'm surprised to find myself reaching for it more and more often. It's addictive.

I don't think I have a favorite card, but I'm impressed with The Tower. It's very dramatic and even gives me a slight adrenalin rush.

I also like the Yin-Yang symbol on The Chariot. It may help with the interpretation, which I often find to be difficult with this card.