Hanson Roberts study group - favorite card


I love the Strength card. So gentle and yet it IS a lion. Reminds me of our cat Cubby. looks just like him.

The 9 of Swords. .....expresses just what I feel like when the worries of the day keep me awake at night.

The Empress, she's just beautiful.

Temperance, i'm not usually a fan of angels, but this one is just so.....angelic.

The queen of cups. this is what i consider "my card" i feel the most connection with the queen of cups of all the cards, and this one is just done so beautifully

the queen of swords.....i love it. you can just feel her attitude coming through.

the star, so open, and just expressive and beautiful.

and the high priestess. I feel like I know her and shes' speaking directly to me.


I can't say that I have one or a few favourites offhand, even looking through them now, but this was the first deck I found that to me didn't have any ugly cards in the sense of amateurish: you may all know the ones I mean, where the spirit was willing but the artist, especially 30ish years ago, was weak. I wanted a deck with every card looking at least up to a certain standard of artistic ability, and this was it. I eventually got Strength as my first tattoo. I love many of the cards and am happy to get to know this deck again after not having looked at it for some while.


Eight of Cups -- Probably my favorite card in this deck. I love the combination of mystery and promise of setting out to travel at night under the watchful moon. I feel that this card lacks a lot of the negative connotations that I have seen in some other decks, and I like the sense of adventure it presents.

The Star -- So magical, it really seems to hold a sense of wonder within the card.

Two of Cups -- The artist captures the sense of intimacy between the two partners, almost to the point of making me feel intrusive as the reader.

Seven of Cups -- Almost never comes up for me, but I get excited every time it does. Something very fantastical about this card -- reminds me of the feeling I got reading Harry Potter as a kid.

Page of Cups -- The page depicted on this card looks so innocent and full of wonder, I really enjoy the artist's work here.

That's it for me!