Hanson Roberts Study Group


I have recently purchased the Hanson Roberts tarot deck and was wondering if we could maybe get a study group together in order to share our interpretations, feelings, emotions, and general intuitions regarding each card. We could discuss a different card every day or so. Anyone care to participate?




I just got my Hanson-Roberts and I'm thrilled with it. The cards seem so alive. I'd be happy to join a study group.


The cards are fantastic. What are your first impressions from them? I immediately felt in tune to them - so much imagery and wonderful art. We should try and get another couple of people involved before starting the study group?

How do you think we should approach study? One card per couple of days?



Centaur: I do not know that I shall be able to contribute to this study, but I have had this deck for many years. A very good deck for all ages. I oft use it to read for younger folk.

Regarding the pace of the study: how about playing it by ear as some cards will likely elicit more comments than others.


I agree the imagery is wonderful, and what's more I understand it. (Or least get some of it and am not left with no clue.) It is particularly evident in the court cards. Looking at the characters you can see and feel what they are like from their faces and expressions rather than struggling desperately the way I do with my RWS. I'm sure the symbolism is there in the RWS but I can't read it.

I find this true for other cards as well eg. the Hanged Man and Strength. Their faces carry the force of the cards meaning and I find it much easier grasp what they are saying.

I guess I feel this deck talks to me in a lanugage I understand whereas the RWS speaks Latin, which I can only remember a little from high school.

(the Legend Arthurian speaks German, which I feel I could understand but don't. The Thoth exaggerates everything like my brother.)

I definitely think we could do with one or two more people. Is there anybody out there?

PS: A card every two days maybe?


Meewah -
Even better! You can bring your experience of the deck to our relatively novel experiences. How long have you had your deck for? And yes, we probably should play it by ear in terms of what we discuss.

Hypatia -
I know what you mean when you talk about the power of the images. Those rider waite images are pretty static. I get the feeling of movement from the Hanson-Roberts cards.

Any more people??


Centaur20: I think my Hansen-Roberts is nearly 10 years old. When I bought it, it seemed that there were not many decks available to choose from; however, I did not know what there was available, either. I was looking for something different from RSW, which I believe was the only deck I had then.

I think it would be ok to post an announcement in Talking Tarot about forming a study group for Hanson-Roberts, as some folks may not otherwise get to this forum (General). I do not usually check this forum except for having become interested in the Thoth Study Group. It would be worth a try.


I would like to participate

because I have one too. As yet I haven't found it very appeealing and very seldom I read with it. May be I can get my interest going if I stop a few min a day to think about that imagery. However, I'll be mostly listening.



I have had the Hanson-Roberts deck for quite a while. I would like to participate in the study group, because I like the deck and feel that it has things to teach me.



Cool. Why don't we start off with The Fool. I need to gather my thoughts before I post though!