Hanson- Roberts Tarot


Anyone for a Hanson- roberts study group? It is an excellent deck, and certainly deserves one.


If you want to post some threads on different cards, I would love to add my two cents worth. I love this deck and would enjoy discussing it.


I've just recently obtained this deck and would like to study it.


My favorite deck...so count me in!

Y'know I seem to recall that there used to be one of those study groups here...but, I think it disappeared just as I joined.


Hey- three users!

Woah- three users- that's more than i expected. sweet. Well, three's a crowd, i suppose, soooo...... i guess we can start, but i will warn you, i dont have many chances to get on the web anymore (v. busy) so we arent official. btw, noobs can join anytime.


I would love to be a part of this study group too.


Okay.... what shall we start with? maybe, since we're just starting, comparisons to the original rws deck. but i also find the artwork great for meditation... so lush and pretty and hypnotic. last week, i was studying temperance and discovered a stream that answered my thoughts.


Count me in too. :) I love the Hanson Roberts!


I'm all for it!
All hail the Hanson-Roberts!!


curious if anyone is still following this at all, but i'll just jump in anyway. I love this deck!