Hanson-Roberts- The Lovers


Out of all The Lovers cards I have seen, I like this one the best. It really reminds me of a pair of Medieval lovers who have pledged their love to one another and are true soulmates. However when this card turns up in a reading it usualy means a choice between 2 paths, or that some thing has grown stale and you need to chang that some thing. The color of his cloak with the white underneath, shows the pure passion he has for her. Her brown gown shows me it is a stable down to earth relationship, the white flowers the purity of her love. I love the way they are entwined together they look almost as one, and I get the feeling that their souls are entwined together too. I also feel that this love has been blessed from above the Angel and when it turns up you are on the right path to what you are seeking. I see the yellow cloud above them that they have a communication that needs no words.


As usual for me with this deck, it is the faces, and particular the eyes that I find very moving. In the woman there is tenderness, compassion, innocence, warmth, trust, and yet strength. And in the man also innocence, tenderness, trust - but most of all, what really strikes me each time I see this card - sadness to the point of tears. At last he has come home, finding in her arms the joy that in its perfection feels like sadness. She is the salve for love's wound, the completion for which his life was made. Indeed Tarotlova, this Hanson-Roberts Lovers card is one of the best.

mike gorth

This is a good card however I wouldn't say it's the best lovers. I like the nigel jackson one too but this is definitely one of the better ones.

Mike Gorth


The Lovers: A Troubled Look

In Susan Hansson's book, The Hanson-Roberts Tarot Companion, she sees in the discomfort of the young man as an expression of the dynamic of choice which also exists in the card. From page 27:
The young man's face, however, shows concern. New troubles arise when making what to most people is the first major independent choice: selecting a mate.
I certainly identify with this interpretation, as well as with "the joy that... feels like sadness" which I described above.


Hanson-Roberts The Lovers card

I was looking at The Lovers in my Hanson-Roberts deck. Anybody notice that the male figure seems very upset? He looks to be being consoled by his mate, rather than being happy to have found love. Any ideas why?


Love's a b**ch? Can not Lovers also be choice? :(:


Perhaps the Happy/sad follies of love.
Some feel that to love is to suffer , some feel that it's joy.
Which do you feel it is DB.
Today JOY, tomorrow ANGUISH, Forgiveness, Blame!
As GMB says , a choice between the higher ,or the lower.


It is a Major and as such is used here as a FATE card.Or beyond your control.

The choosing to grow through love or choosing to grow through the negitive.
Either way is growth, Fatefully.Beyond your direct control.


to me it seems the angel has blessed them, but he's human, he has free will, no matter the angels blessing he's free to choose someone else. she cares for him and loves him, but is she right for him? is there something missing? to me he seems unsure, undecided or maybe thinking about someone else