Hanson Roberts - XIX Sun


The sun shines in this warm scene where we see a naked child riding a white horse, the child has a blue flag, behind the child and horse there is a stone wall and sunflowers.

Everything in this scene looks happy, healthy, young and full of life, the grass is green and the sunflowers wide open, the white horse needs no ropes to be controlled it is an already tamed force of nature. One thing to notice is the horse uses as much space in the card as the Sun does is a beautiful animal but I wonder why it is so important.

In the RWS the horse moves to the right, in Hanson Roberts it moves to the left, the horse direction added to the blue flag makes me think that even now the life is so good, we should not forget our inner selves and we had learn in recent cards, as most of the times we see The Sun as a symbol of external things like success, progress without obstacles, good relationships and so on.

By the sequence of the cards, we know the child is naked because the ego has faded, but if we take a look at the card itself the weather seems so good, no cold nor hot but a weather that is an authentic gift from the nature.

I believe this child is the same found in the 6 of Cups, his blue flag as a symbol of the spiritual/emotional gifts he has received.


It seems to appear that the little boys' face is also the face of the yellow sun above him. This may be referring to classic metaphysical theory that the sun is masculine and the moon is femine. I like your take on the blue flag, I never considered the importance of its' colour.



the horse to me seems to be taking us to our destination.....or brought us here.

the nakedness of the child and the horse with no saddle or bridle suggest to me uninhibited progress, or unconstrained movement.