Has anyone ever used he Gypsy Witch Fortune Telling Playing Cards.


Hi All,

I have the Gypsy Witch FT Playing Cards. I bout them because I was told my grandmother could read a plain deck of cards and hoped this would lead me in the same directions.

Unfortunately my mother never learned and the instruction book has me laying 5,000000 cards out to do a reading..

Any advise. Has anyone ever used these as just plain tarot or do you have to lay the whole deck out...



Hi cj,
I use playing cards as well as Tarot and most times my spreads are a mix of the two. The main ones I use are PPF and the horse shoe spread. I do have playing cards spreads that use the whole deck but I don't see the point in having that many cards in a reading. Perhaps you could use a PPF 9 card spread with your fortune cards and see what results you get or don't ask a question and just lay as many cards out as you think You'll need, I don't think there are any hard fast rules to laying out the cards just do what feels right. Hope this helps :)



Thank you for the advise. I know what a horseshoe spread is but I have never heard of a PPF. Would you mind telling what PPF stands for so I can look it up.



I'm not the original poster.. but I can venture a guess.. PPF MIGHT stand for a three card Past Present Future spread. Often in this case, I use two card clarifiers if need be (One card doesn't clarify accurately to me... two clarify to scary levels :) )




Thanks for the info, I try it and see how we do.



cj: I used those cards before I became involved with Tarot. I found the captions on them distracting; ignored them & used them as a regular deck of cards for readings.


I have a deck of these that is so old it still has the priginal publisher before US Games bought them.

They are hokey! Pure Hokem!

I have them for their silliness; I do not use them for divination of any kind (see also my posting about the 'Firelight Fortune Teller'); yes, you have to lay out the entire deck for every single reading - who wants to take up that kind of time? Besides, you are only given one interpretation for each card, so it means that every single time in every single reading.

Does this make any sense to you?


I had to get in on this one. Why is the gypsy way of fortune telling so mocked at? I personally find this rather offensive since that is the way I was taught, as my mother before me, and so on. We may not agree on different ways of divination, but why make fun of it? I don't understand. I personally use the Gypsy Witch Deck, but I use it differently than the instruction booklets. I use the male or female significator card ( depending who I'm reading for ), and lay out cards surrounding the significator card to interpret. In other words, there are 8 cards surrounding the significator card. I use these cards solely on my intuitive guidance, but again, there is no real "right" way or "wrong" way.
Lots of love,

tiger lily

Hey, that?s the way I read Tarot cards sometimes: I choose a significator and lay out the remaining 77 cards in 7 rows of 11 cards each. The sig is in the center; the card that covers it is the immediate situation surrounding the querent.

From then on, it?s free-style ;-) no fixed meanings or timelines. I look for clusters, threads and rings of cards and connect them to a story. You could consider it a spreadless spread.

I don?t do it very often, due to the sheer number of cards, but it?s always a great exercise for my intuitive muscles... and I don?t think that tarotbear was referring to the reading method, but to the deck.

But, tarotbear, there are also Tarot decks with keywords printed on them; I don?t think that you use only those keywords, do you? The "hokey" resides usually in the reader, not in the cards.


i have read with a deck of playing cards. i have the meanings somewhere around here. i found it too time consuming but the woman who taught me...........oooooooohhhhhh she was GOOD! the stuff she read was pure gold.