have you had any sucess at manifesting ?discussion on sucess!


hi guys,, in honor of the 15 anniversary I decided to make a spiritual post.
so I decided on this one.

where to begin,, well let me discuss an interesting story by lon milo as he talked about making food as being like casting a spell (if memory serves).
oh yeah there are many types of manifesting techiques ,, spellwork , lightwork, to just creative visualization.

oh I remember the part from bewitched where the hero asked the devil for a burger so she took a bus with him to the mcdonalds and brought him one. he said that didnt' count which was a plot line. soo.

I think to myself about why a vision manifesting board didnt' work, and there are several factors that are obstacles to manifesting.

timing.. in our soul contract it wasn't supposed to be perhaps..
but timing could be like you opened up an awesome horse carriage just as the cars are taking off.

positive intent.. perhaps the person didnt' believe really and just went through the motions.

location is a key part of starting a business, and if a person has a really bad location all the manifesting in the world won't succeed.
and that could be , I want to be a good blank (fill it in ) but unless you get yourself into a good location to actually give yourself a chancel it becomes wasted energy.

I was using the divine manifesting (tape course that I think has been redone) energy tape set by orin and daben . and possibly other tapes sets.

I manifested two things .. one was having internet in my local reserve that was almost impossible to do so. I remember In my divine manifesting that I asked to get a job , (which I did ) and bring the internet here in a year .

the other thing I manifested was where I live currentl in 2008 I moved here,, but before I moved here I had dreams that I was living in a apartment duplex. (it was actually In Dryden for I couldn't imagine living here ) ..
and I had a dream where I was a hotel,, and this fancy lawyer came in (like nobe ) and he said "i represent he who sent me " and paid for my bill and left.

I wondered why I can't manifest anymore. like did I use it all when the lawyer in my dream showed up to pay for my place to live.

and i lost interest after trying to manifest with the 7 divine wills that it didn't work for me to get my wooden dummy or my money back. they were even on the phone giving me hog wash every week,, we are trying to send it.. tili finally asked for a refund and they don' even pick up the phone after that.

but then again some things aren't meant to be.

but then again, you hear stories (or read stories that is,, if you are like me isolated ) about people who tried these techiques and it worked !!

perhaps it is like the stories of prayers that worked. (praying is a sort of manifesting no ?).

the real thing is i don't know what i would manifest though..like i don't really want a job. etc.
I had a friend come by at a late night intoxicated and i am now 41.. and wanted to party like i did when i was young..but i looked at the time and talked a bit . and after they left,, i realized that i did manifest the friend coming by but it wasnt' really what I wanted.
there are 3 or 6 things i realized over the years,, well this is what i wanted now what..


:) (What 15th anniversary?)

That's a Loooong post - and I've had trouble following it all the way through.

My forms of manifestations are - picture board - or I call it a "Life Tree",
Visualisation and Spellwork.

Storey boards - I only make once once very number of years.
So I sit down and paste on to a board in cut-out magazine pictures, plus my own drawing and writing - what I'd like my "prefect" life to look like. It's like a collage picture.
Then - I put it away and don't look at it for quite a while.
A year or so later I'll usually see the bits that have worked (e.g. where I live, the way my job has manifested and how I enjoy it, the two pagan groups I was in - though now no longer, my routine of keeping myself fit and the social structure that helps support me with that...) and the bits that haven't (e.g. what I actually earn from my job).

There are a huge amount of factors - conscious and unconscious as well as environmental which means things will not manifest as one would like (some of which you have pointed out).


...Then - at the end of the your post you say "I don't really know what I would manifest though" - well then in that case - the result will be odd anyway. :)
(as they say - "be careful what you wish for").

Did you say "Wooden Dummy"?
As in - a Kung Fu Wooden Dummy?? (well - that's automatically where my mind went).
Which I'd love to manifest - but I haven't got the space for one. :joke: :joke:


Tanga, Holmes meant in honor of his 15th Anniversary here on A.T. He just celebrated his 15th year the other day.

Yes, Holmes, I've manifested things a lot. My earliest manifestations were when I was in High School. I went to an all girl school and the all boy school was down the street. I realized that I had this ability to get dates with specific boys for the school dances--but I made my friends be really hush-hush about this. My friends would come up and tell me who it was they wanted to ask them out and I'd get to work. I always would just imagine the boy they wanted coming up to the girl and asking her. I made it play out in my head like a movie and I had a very high success rate with it. :D

I also used it for myself on occasion to get a certain someone (boyfriend or just a friend or relative) to get in touch with me.

As I got older, I used visualization in other ways too--to astral travel and/or to get things I wanted. It works better for me if its not a tangible item though. So, I can't actually visualize a huge diamond ring and get one. (darn it!) Or winning the lottery either, (double darn it!) but, I did visualize astral traveling to homes of my friends whom I have never been to before in other countries and it worked. I was able to describe their home to them in great detail, though I had never been to it. I was able to astral travel there just by visualizing it in my mind.

Another time, through the work of Matrix Energetics, I was able to do a few things too that came to be for me--in a matter of minutes. I keep thinking about getting back into this, as I rarely *practice* this anymore--save the phone calling bit of family and friends.

I have found that sitting by running water does help this to occur faster for some reason. If I'm in the kitchen, turning on the spicket and sitting there sending a message to a friend to call me, often works faster for me. My daughter and my family know I do this a lot--and so when they call me out of the blue, they will ask, "were you trying to get me to call you?" :laugh: But, I don't have to be by running water for it to occur.

Is this the type of manifesting you are asking about?


thanks tanga !

is this the first time we spoke , (memory doenst' serve eheh)

yeah the comment I made about not knowing what I wanted to manifest stems from where I am at life, meanwhile back in the day I really wanted the internet and a place to live eheh.

yes, the wooden dummy was a kungfu dummy I ordered from the states,, then they emailed me back said they need extra 300 for air shipping which I paid about 1200. I wait and waited , asking what happened. apparently it got broke in shipping and was sent back and they were trying to repair it, and I asked about my refund and one person said " what about the money for our broken wooden dummy".
I actually think now and then about trying to manifest justice in some way.. but it is a waste of energy.

there are a lot of manifesting techiques out there.


ah hello celtic . c.m

the second part of the post in regards to matrixenergetics sounds like manifesting. ( I didnt' get it to work for me,, matirix energetics that is ).

the first part sounds like a sort of incredible telepathic gift. !!!
like I remember there was book that you imagine putting the finger into the forhead of the person you are trying to psychically manipulate. (that must of been david st. clair ).

I think there is a slight deviation between the manifesting where we asked the universe to help us with good intentions and influencing the minds of the individuals.

it sounds like it was good excerise as there was no harm done.
perhaps it is like hypnosis where it Is said you can't really do anyting you don't want to do when hypnotized.
it should be like that for psychic manipulation in theory I imagine.

in the teachings of orin and daben you can communicate to the person higherself/soul that is close to what you describe. that I know of,,, with the higherself if it is willing will send the message down to the conscious mind.
the stories in the book was sudden forgiveness, and communication out of the blue. (I don't now about jobs,, that part wasnt' really described in the creating money book.)


I have manifested things. I have found that you have to actually FEEL the end result to manifest it. To have money, you have to feel financially secure or wealthy. To find love, you have to feel loved. These things are hard to do when you are in a financial bind or in a dark lonely place. It is why vision boards and image-based meditation work - people focus on them and imagine themselves actually living in that house or swimming in that pool or counting that money until their inner beliefs and feelings align with their intent and then magic happens.

I think it is sometimes more difficult to manifest because other people are manifesting as well and they may be manifesting goals that conflict with yours. If you want someone to leave your life and they are actively feeling themselves with you every day and visioning it, well ... it just gets harder to accomplish.

I think it sometimes fails completely because we focus on the process and not the end goal. For instance, starting up a business. If we focus on a specific location, a specific process to go through, etc. All the details. If I focus on the end goal, however, the Source has more flexibility in making it happen. It can come about in unexpected ways. I have seen this happen for me. For instance, I was cited in a totally frivolous law suit by some angry people. Instead of focusing on winning the suit, I focused on "making it go away quickly and to my benefit". Stuff happened to the people who started the suit to make them drop the claims. AND, Karma bit them in the butt in the process. I saved money I would have needed to fight the suit. The Source took my end goal and ran with it. And I wanted my own business. I pictured a storefront, a plant nursery, a jewelry business, and all kinds of stuff. Finally, I focused on the end goal - I want to work for myself and make tons of money. And the opportunity that is now being presented to me is exactly my skill set, makes great money, gives me flexible work hours, requires minimum start up costs, has no overhead or inventory requirements, doesn't require employees, etc. It is better than I ever imagined and perfect for me.



thanks for responding ncharge.
so from the first paragraph the vision boards help to fake it til you get it kind of thing.

that is a good point, in trying to achieve mutal healthy separation but the other person who may be very good at manifesting or psychic manipulation unknowing is blocking us from that.

the other point about not thinking about the lawsuit as an goal but looking for an more intermediate reaction sounds pretty good.

I thought about your post as I played games and went to town, and watched my originals so It took a while to respond.

one interesting thing in reading your post the second time, I remember the scene from the Alamo where the general had visalized an exact situation and land to achieve his goal and came across I and even said "do you have a name "? and used that to win his battle in under 15 minutes. (or so the movie said ).


Whatever You Believe You Can Achieve! 😊

Hey Holmes! Haven't seen you around for a bit. Happy anniversary! I saw you were doing some akashic record readings. That's one I haven't done. I'm interested if you open up again. Manifesting is a good topic. Gratitude is a good path to manifestation. Gratitude determines your altitude. Be grateful for everything. Putting images up or words down is good too like mentioned above. I have plans up on my wall of the house I'm going to build and other reminders. I think cleanliness is important too. Keeping your space clean helps the flow of energy. The other thing NC mentioned about being more open to the path and way in which your blessings manifest is good advice too. In other words not being so specific or rigid, so the universe can more easily find a way to get you what you need.

Anyway, see you around!




How did I miss this thread from 5 days ago? :confused: First of all congrats on your 15 years!

This is a favorite subject of mine because I truly believe you can manifest your dreams if you really want to. You must be specific though and allow for enough time for it to make its way into existence. Also.. you gotta really want it to happen and of course it won't happen unless it's for the higher good of all.

Some things "I've manifested" off of the top of my head:

  • Getting the career of my dreams. Literally. I dreamt about it and two years later I got into the field.
  • Moving to the Pacific coast.
  • Getting my dream car. It's old now and I still own it.
  • Moving by the beach. As a complete water sign I've always felt better with large bodies of water within a close distance of me.
  • Retiring early.

These to me were big things and I was able to manifest more within these categories. Now I pretty much manifest smaller things on a daily basis as everyone does. Parking spots in crowded lots, sales on things I need, finding the right items to create my art... etc. I don't know, maybe this is just positive thinking when I do but it sure helps.

As for material things? Now I'm at a point where I don't really care to manifest them as much and if I do it's for other people.

Keep in mind that Source does its very best to deliver your desires but if it can't deliver exactly what you want, it will try to bring you the closest thing possible. When I was a young girl the two biggest crushes of my life were one of the Beatles and "Rocky Balboa." :D You know the character that Sylvester Stallone plays in the movie that made him famous? I know my desire for these guys were pretty strong and dreamed of having a relationship with them some day. (Silly girl, I know!) But guess what? Well, no.... I can't say that I ever ended up with one of these guys but I can tell you that I did eventually find myself in a relationship with a handsome Italian man who looked like and had the personality of the boxing character. And yes, he was a boxer! The funny thing is he is named like one of the Fab Four. So even though I couldn't get me a Beatle or Rocky, the Universe put something together for me that worked. :laugh:

As I got older, I used visualization in other ways too--to astral travel and/or to get things I wanted. It works better for me if its not a tangible item though. So, I can't actually visualize a huge diamond ring and get one. (darn it!) Or winning the lottery either, (double darn it!) but, I did visualize astral traveling to homes of my friends whom I have never been to before in other countries and it worked. I was able to describe their home to them in great detail, though I had never been to it. I was able to astral travel there just by visualizing it in my mind.

Okay this is freaking me out just a bit celticnoodle! It is now 10:30 in the evening and it is the first time I've read your post about astral traveling. It was earlier today at about noon time when I posted something on the competition thread about me feeling like I astral traveled to your river house last night! :bugeyed: I'm really curious to know if it was your place I saw in my dream last night!

Anyway HOLMES.. Fun subject whether people believe in it or not. I'd love to hear more manifesting stories.