Have your remains turned into a diamond when you die - yes or no?


yeah...nope! I have heard of this before your post, Amsonia.

What if some aspect of spirit stays with the body? What if some of your personal energy remains in the cremains? Then it stays trapped in the crystal forever :p

Furthermore, what happens when your loved ones die? Do your remains go off to grace the fingers of strangers?

As much as I love crystals, I find this idea so repellent and creepy that I could certainly never sign up for it! <shudder>

I feel the same. It is like force a part of me to stay...And we don't know how it affects the soul so to speak...I don't like it at all.

Luna's Crone

probably not. I am getting cremated so some of me will remain on earth. besides, diamonds come from plants that have become carbon and then diamond under great pressure. we are more likely, under the right conditions, to become oil. its an awful feeling to think while alive we are hurting mother gaia and when we die our remains may continure to polute the earth. now that is a bummer thought.


I saw this and thought it was interesting for this particular sub forum to discuss. It's a company that will take your cremated ashes and turn them into a diamond (or multiple diamonds) for your loved ones to wear.

What do you think of this? Would you want to be turned into a diamond? Would you want to wear a diamond that was made from the carbon atoms of your loved one?

Also, it made me think...what once living things carbon atoms are in my diamond ring? Does the energy of a crystal come from what path the atoms took to get in there?

It's such a weird thought I don't know what I think.


I'm doing this with me and all of pets I have cremains for. We'll all be inseparable for all eternity. And I'm going to have ourselves auctioned off in an estate sale to an unawares highest bidder. Muahahaha.


So far, the atoms in my body have been recycled countless times, and have been part of other people, other animals, plants, components of the soil, the air, etc. I am and have always been completely a part of the planet.

I don't want to interrupt this cycle by isolating my body from the natural order of events. I want my remains to either be cremated (turning most of my body into a gas, with an ash residue to be returned to the earth) or buried in the earth without embalming, so that the body will be gradually absorbed into the soil. Either way, the atoms are recycled again, as they have been for the past several billion years.